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Vhaz Hunters

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Transcript of Session #7 Aug. 7th, 2004 @ 10:38 pm
{Dad} did the doctor say what caused it?
{Rintaran} "He says it must be stress related. There was nothing that he could do about it.*
{Mom} *sob*
{DestinyScarlatti} "....i'm so confused....and lost"
{Rintaran} "Come here Harmonia. These are your parents. You remember them don't you?"
{DestinyScarlatti} ".......parents?"
{Rintaran} "Yeah. Your mother and father..."
{Mom} *looks at her with hopfull yet teary eyes*
{DestinyScarlatti} "....i'm staying right here"
{Mom} *the hopefullness seems to drain from her eyes as she walks away from the room and out of sight of those left behind*
{Rintaran} *winces*
{Rintaran} "What do you remember?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm Harmonia Candeloria....and you are Hathor....and this is your house?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *Candelori
{Rintaran} "That's good. A definate improvement."
{Dad} do you know where you live?
{DestinyScarlatti} ".......ummm.....in a small house, down the street?"
{Rintaran} *shakes his head*
{Rintaran} "Not anymore. You're staying here temporarily before moving off into the country. You've an estate to take care of when you're better*
{Dad} What is the name of this town?
{DestinyScarlatti} "ummm......i don't know"
{DestinyScarlatti} (and that one i really don't)
{Rintaran} (What IS the name of this town)
{Dad} (hehe, should have told you that first... its Meridiana"
{DestinyScarlatti} (oh)
{DestinyScarlatti} "i know it starts with a m....."
{Rintaran} "That's right. Now think harder. What's the rest of the name?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "mer......merd? i don't know the rest"
{Rintaran} "You're very close. Keeping thinking. You can do it."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't know the rest!"
{DestinyScarlatti} *pounds on the floor to emphasize her point*
{Rintaran} "Meridiana. We're in Meridiana."
{DestinyScarlatti} "meridiana?"
{Dad} "Its ok honey.."
{Rintaran} "Time. That's all this'll take. A little bit of time and your daughter will remember everything she needs to. And hopefully be well enough to take her place on the estate."
{Dad} "Would you like to go for a walk outside? it may help you remeber if you can see familiar things.."
{DestinyScarlatti} "that's a good idea, i want to go take a walk, if that's ok with you hathor?"
{Mom} *walks back to the group, eyes very red from crying* "im ok now" *sniff*
{Rintaran} "Of course you can go for a walk."
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles* "thanks"
{Rintaran} *turns to Mrs. Candelori*
{Dad} "We were about to go for a walk, would you like to come honey?"
{Rintaran} "She's starting to remember a few things"
{Mom} *sniff* "im afraid i am very presentable at the moment...."
{Mom} "thats good" *you can see her visably cheer up at the news*
{Mom} "Let me go fix myself up and ill join you in a minute" *heads for the washroom*
{Dad} Well, we better get ready ourseves... you cant go for a walk hiding behind a bed you know
{DestinyScarlatti} "true"
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets up and goes to the door*
{Rintaran} *steps off to the side, letting her pass*
{Dad} *folows her to the main enterence to get his shoes and coat*
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm ready let's go"
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes to the door by the main entrance*
{Dad} "shoes? coat?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "shoes are on"
{Dad} *chuckle* "just like when you were 5, such a rush to get going that you forgot half your stuff most of the time"
{DestinyScarlatti} "but i do have my shoes on, see?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *points toward the ground, shoes on her feet*
{Dad} "but not your coat"
{DestinyScarlatti} "it shouldn't get that cold! it's not night time, is it?"
{Rintaran} *chuckles*
{Fallwind} *the sunny day has turned cloudy and there is a onshore wind*
{Rintaran} "By the time you get back, it very well could be."
{DestinyScarlatti} "come on let's go!"
{Rintaran} "We're waiting for your mother. She said she was going to accompany you on the walk"
{Mom} "Harmonia... coat"
{DestinyScarlatti} "why?"
{Rintaran} "Ah, there she is"
{Mom} "Because im your mother and i say so"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'll be fine....but please!"
{Mom} *gives her 'the look' *
{DestinyScarlatti} *gives her the sad puppy dog look*
{Rintaran} "What's the rush? One moment you're hiding behind a bed afraid to go anywhere, and now you're in a hopping rush to go for a walk..."
{Mom} "your foolish mind triks dont work on me young one"
{DestinyScarlatti} "please?"
{Mom} "hows this... you have to bring it, but you dont have to put it on?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok!"
{Mom} "now will someone pass me my shoes?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "where is my coat?"
{Mom & Dad} *looks at Hathor*
{Rintaran} *passes various articles of clothing around*
{DestinyScarlatti} "my coat!"
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes a long black coat out*
{Rintaran} ...
{Dad} "Actually, thats mine...."
{Rintaran} "This is your coat."
{Rintaran} *holds out a coat*
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks at the coat* "ok"
{DestinyScarlatti} "can we go now?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes it*
{Rintaran} *puts on his leather jacket*
{Dad} "we can go"
{Rintaran} *slips into his boots*
{Rintaran} (your coat's a jean jacket type of thing. It isn't actually your coat since you didn't actually come with one, it's just a spare I had lying around)
{DestinyScarlatti} (ah)
{Rintaran} *opens the door*
{Rintaran} "The bounteous outdoors awaits us. Where would you like to go today?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "let's go"
{DestinyScarlatti} *runs out the door*
{Mom & Dad} *walks out behind her, waiting for Hathor to lock the door and follow*
{Rintaran} *exits, locks door, and follows*
{DestinyScarlatti} "come on!"
{DestinyScarlatti} "where are we going?"
{Rintaran} "Why not by the station? That should help jog your memory."
{Dad} Sounds good, i would like to see where she works
{Rintaran} "Worked actually."
{DestinyScarlatti} "with the evil lady?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "the lady that suspended me until further notice?"
{Rintaran} "Yeah, she might be there. Seems we don't even have to go there to jog your memory. But more will be discovered in the journey."
{Mom} WorkED? i thought you said she was a detective like you?
{Rintaran} "Exactly. I said she WAS a detective like me. But as soon as she gets better, she's going to be a wine mogul."
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah i bad-talked my superior"
{Rintaran} "Plus, she was recently suspended because of a slight misunderstanding by our superior officer. So it's the perfect time for her change of carreer."
{Mom} Oh my...
{Dad} What was the missunderstanding? (looks at both of you*
{DestinyScarlatti} "......"
{Dad} *looks to Hathor*
{Rintaran} "Well, about a week ago, Harmonia and I were investigating something down at the docks and we were taken by force and magic to a cave several days out of town. While we were held there against our will, the city was attacked, causing most of the damage you may have seen near the docks. Well, after we escaped and made it back to town, we were accused of deserting, and Harmonia took particular offense to the false accusation and blew up at the lieutenant. The suspension was inevitable."
{Dad} Will it be permanent?
{DestinyScarlatti} "who knows"
{Rintaran} "That's very likely."
{Mom} "well, im going to want to have a talk with this Lieutenant.....?"
{Rintaran} "Unless we can provide physical proof of our innocence, or catch those responsible for the attack, she's through, and I'll likely be following as soon as the Captain's healed up."
{Mom} (one sec... ill get the name
{Rintaran} (thanks... Session 3 I beleive, use the community)
{Fallwind} (Sapranna)
{Rintaran} "Lieutenant Sapranna. She's not a very likable woman."
{DestinyScarlatti} "she thinks she knows everything and flaunts her way into other people's promotions"
{Rintaran} "And can't take a simple practical joke.*
{DestinyScarlatti} "she never did....and she never can"
{Mom} "Well, as i said, we will have to have a little chat"
{DestinyScarlatti} "mom don't"
{Rintaran} *Purses his lips*
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm a big girl, i can handle myself"
{Mom} its the way you handled yourself that got you suspended
{DestinyScarlatti} "but i can do this myself"
{Rintaran} "Plus, she's the heiress to the Melchiorre Estate. She doesn't need to be a detective anymore."
{DestinyScarlatti} "who said i was going to work at the estate?"
{Rintaran} ...
{Mom} "it would be alot better then staying here, with no home and no job"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't like that house....and it's too big for just me...."
{Mom} *looks to Hathor* "..."
{Rintaran} "Honestly, I think she'd be much better off on the estate. We can either wall of parts of the estate to make it small enough to suit her wants, or figure something else out."
{Rintaran} "The station is this way."
{Rintaran} *begins leading the way*
{DestinyScarlatti} "but i was hoping.....never mind, i'll be quite now"
{Mom} "what is it?"
{Rintaran} *looks at her quizzically*
{DestinyScarlatti} "never mind"
{Mom} "What is it? it must have been something"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i was hoping...someone would come with me.....but i guess not"
{Mom} *lowering her voice so only they would here as Hathor and Dad continue walking away* "I see... well why dont you ask him"
{Rintaran} ...
{DestinyScarlatti} "i would...but he seems determined to stay here....."
{Mom} "try asking, you never know why a person stays where they are"
{Rintaran} *to Mr. Candelori* "... and that building over there used to belong to the great Meyer family. Their last child sold the place last year after he was appointed as a Duke in the distant city of Arania..."
{Dad} Really? its huge, almost as big as our home but in the middle of the city. it must have sold for a fortune
{Rintaran} "I'm not sure of the actual price, but I'm sure it easily ran around a full eight hundred thousand gold... Assuming it was sold without furniture, but I suspect it was."
{Dad} My word...
{Mom} *starts walking faster to catch up to the men* "come on, we can cross that bridge when we come to it, for now lets enjoy our walk"
{DestinyScarlatti} *runs after her mom*
{Dad} "there you are...."
{Rintaran} "I've actually been inside the place on a few occasions. It has brilliant green marble floors and columns."
{Rintaran} "Ah. Harmonia. I was just acquanting your father with some of the local architecture, and the history of the families who used to live there."
{Dad} *points the buiilding out to his wife* "See that house... 800,000 gold... can you believe it?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "it's pretty"
{Rintaran} "How's your memory by the way? Everything coming in clear now?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "yep, the guy in there...didn't we work at the station for a small while?"
{Rintaran} "The guy who used to live there did for a while. Needed the law-enforcement experience before he got his title."
{DestinyScarlatti} "wow...i remembered that..."
{Rintaran} (brb -wawa)
{Dad} (k)
{Rintaran} (back)
{Rintaran} *continues walking towards the station*
{DestinyScarlatti} *laughs, and runs behind hathor and pokes his sides*
{Fallwind} (you start to exit the grand homes of the Hill Top and start walking down the hill towards the Waterfront)
{Rintaran} "Heyyy! *laughing* Stop that. We're trying to give your folks a decent tour here, and jog your memory nice and good."
{DestinyScarlatti} "but please....."
{DestinyScarlatti} *pokes him again*
{Mom} *chuckles*
{Rintaran} *shakes his head and rolls his eyes*
{Fallwind} (you are entering the Waterfront District fomr the north side, most of the buildings around you are quite old shops that have been renovated hundreds of times (or more) in their lives)
{Rintaran} "This used to be a wonderful strip of shops, each varying only slightly in architectural design so as to fit the pleasure of the shops within them. They've been remodelled hundreds of times as shops have closed down and others taken their places. I remember when Denny's Point and Pluck used to own that place there."
{Rintaran} *points to a shop marked Fanny's Famous Fireworks*
{Mom} "Point and Pluck?? what did they sell?"
{Rintaran} "My mother used to take me there every Saturday morning when I was younger. They sold pheasants, turkeys, chickens and other birds. They were kept alive. You pointed at the one you wanted and they took it out and killed it for you. Then, as you watched, they would pluck the feathers for you. The bird was almost completely prepared fresh before we even brought it home."
{Mom} "That couldnt have been cheep, but they must have tasted great:
{Rintaran} "I wouldn't know. It closed down long before I had to worry about making meals for myself."
{Mom} "shame..."
{Dad} *Looks off towards the docks where a large tall ship is being loaded* "i thought you said there was a huge attack the other day? seems like business as normal to me"
{Rintaran} *looks off towards the rubble that used to be the docks*
{Fallwind} (you see that they are loading an aful lot of the ruined stone and timber into the ship)
{Rintaran} "They're taking away the rubble. I can just make it out. A lot of ruined stone from the warehouses, and destroyed roofs. I wonder where they're taking it all..."
[End of Session]
Other entries
» Transcript of Session #6
{the_gm} {mom} *finds Hathor's washroom* "would you like a hand with anything?"
{Harmonia} "i'll be fine mum...."
{the_gm} {dad} "how much of this was true?"
{the_gm} {mom} "if you want to talk later....."
{Harmonia} "Everything not related to our actually being married."
{Harmonia} "except where we met...and where i work and he works..."
* Harmonia goes in the washroom and closes the door behind her
{the_gm} {dad} "so she is a detective too?"
{Rintaran} "Yes, she's my partner on the force..."
{the_gm} {mom} "not a good job for a lady"

The GM says:
{dad} "when did she join the force?"
Hathor says:
"Shortly around the time she moved in town I believe, but you'd have to ask her."
The GM says:
{dad} "and im guessing this isnt your house then?"
Hathor says:
"Oh no, this is my house."
The GM says:
{mom} "then where does she live?"
Hathor says:
"I didn't lie about my family history or any of that."
Hathor says:
"For the moment, she's staying here. We were out of town on investigation when her rent was due and they evicted her for it."
The GM says:
{mom} "unbelievable... well we wont have anyone throwing MY daugher out into the streets. who was her landlord???"
Hathor says:
"I never met the man. But I haven't any problem with her staying here for a while. She's more than welcome to it."
Hathor says:
"It's a safer neighbourhood anyways."
The GM says:
{dad} where was she living? *he looks visably concerened*
Harmonia says:
*slowly and quitely opens the washroom door, coming out, her face clean, still brown, but not from dirt*
The GM says:
(why would your face be brown?)
Harmonia says:
(tan )
The GM says:
(thank you, i had no idea)
Hathor says:
"She lived closer to the docks. The docks used to be run by a criminal organization. They've recently been eliminated, by the same people who caused all the trouble around here during the past week or so."
Harmonia says:
*walks down the hall, and stands there leaning against the wall, being silent*
Hathor says:
"I didn't even know where she lived until after she had already recieved her eviction notice. Otherwise, I would have had her moved to a better location much sooner."
Harmonia says:
"you will not do such a thing, i am quite content in that little house"
The GM says:
{mom} "but honey, if it isnt safe you shouldnt be there"
Hathor says:
*looks towards her, his lips held tight...
Harmonia says:
"mom, i've lived how many years on my own? i think i can manage the occasional thug"
The GM says:
{mom} "soory, i just worry you know"
Harmonia says:
"it's alright.....but i am betting you want to be getting on your way...taking me back to Dante....don't you?" *looks to the ground*
The GM says:
{dad} "thats why we are here.... Dante passed away last week"
The GM says:
{mom} "the fever got him"
Harmonia says:
*looks up* "what?!"
Hathor says:
"Poor man."
Harmonia says:
"....i still can't beleive that....."
The GM says:
{dad} its true
Harmonia says:
".....as much as i did hate him.....he would have made a good husband....."
Hathor says:
The GM says:
{mom} *smiles*
Hathor says:
"So what happens now?"
Harmonia says:
"i don't know.....mom, dad?"
The GM says:
{dad} "well, you are a free girl, you can either stay here and keep working as a dective, or come home and take over Dante's estate"
Harmonia says:
"you mean....the house....the business?"
Harmonia says:
"i......i always wanted to run the business....had ideas for it...but never did i dream i could....."
The GM says:
{mom} "well you were married in all ways except sharing his bed. its all yours now that he is gone"
Harmonia says:
"i can't beleive this!"
Harmonia says:
"the oppurtunity of a lifetime...everything i wanted.....but i don't know if i want to go...or stay....."
Hathor says:
*looks Harmonia straight in her eyes* "Go. Run the estate. Consider your standing here. Consider what you can achieve there."
The GM says:
{dad} "dont decide right now, we plan on staying in town for a few days before heading home, you can deciede before then"
Harmonia says:
"but....i have people here....that i care about...i wouldn't want to lose them....."
Harmonia says:
"or leave them...."
Harmonia says:
"but mom....we never were married"
The GM says:
{mom} "yes you were, when you turned 18 the arrangement was finalized"
Harmonia says:
"but....there was no ceremony"
The GM says:
{dad} well no... but the documents were all signed so it was recognized by law
Harmonia says:
The GM says:
{dad} "you sound disapointed"
Harmonia says:
*laughs* "i'm glad i never shared his bed...he was pretty bad at kissing...i'd hate to find out how bad he made love"
Hathor says:
The GM says:
{mom} "..."
The GM says:
{dad} *cough* "well, i think we should try to find an inn for the night before all the good ones get filled. we will see you tomorrow" *leans over and gives Harmonia a kiss on the forehead*
Harmonia says:
*smiles and hugs her dad*
The GM says:
{mom} "tomorrow my dear" *gives her a hug*
Hathor says:
"Mr. Candelor... before you go, I wish to apologize for the whole charade. It was completely my idea."
Hathor says:
Harmonia says:
"yes tomorrow mom" *hugs her mom back*
The GM says:
{mom} "you were just trying to help my daughter, i should be thanking you, not you apologizing to me"
The GM says:
Harmonia says:
"i should also be going...paying my rent...so i get my little house back"
Hathor says:
"Are you sure you wouldn't rather stay here? I do have the spare room."
Harmonia says:
"if it's no bother...."
Hathor says:
"No Mrs, Candelori, I lied to you. That's something I absolutely detest doing. My apology is necessary."
Hathor says:
"No bother at all. It's not like I'm expecting guests anytime soon."
Harmonia says:
*smiles and goes over to hathor and kisses his cheek lightly* thank you
The GM says:
{dad} "lieing isnt bad if the intention is good"
Hathor says:
The GM says:
{dad} well, we are off. can we meet you for lunch in the markets? i hear you have some very nice pasta here
Harmonia says:
"that they do"
The GM says:
*mom and dad head to the door, gather their coats, and say thier goodbyes
Harmonia says:
*takes a deep breath falls to her knees, still shocked*
Hathor says:
"Harmonia? What's wrong?
Harmonia says:
"i'm shocked..."
Hathor says:
"That after all this time of worry about an unwanted marriage, that you don't have to worry about it anymore? That you're no longer at war with your parents? Or that it isn't a bother for me to let you stay in my house?"
Harmonia says:
"all of the above"
Hathor says:
"Well get up off your knees and have a seat on a chair to catch your breath. We have much to talk about."
Harmonia says:
Harmonia says:
*gets up and sits on a chair*
Harmonia says:
"so what do we have to talk about?"
Hathor says:
"Your future of course."
Harmonia says:
Harmonia says:
"what about it...?"
Hathor says:
"Well, everything seems to have come up aces for you. You've been suspended from your job here, and there's little chance of getting back on. This leaves you open to accept your new career in the wine industry. What's holding you back?"
Harmonia says:
"certain people....i don't want to leave them here"
Hathor says:
"Who? I will visit you out there. Dante's business always had the best wine, I'm sure yours will be just as good."
Harmonia says:
"but still...it won't be the same...."
Hathor says:
"You've a chance to build a new life for yourself. Away from all the troubles that are brewing up here. Away from the shack you've forced yourself to live in. Away from the dangerous streets. Luxury and safety is in your grasp, your dream is coming true. Take it, and be at peace."
Harmonia says:
but still...i enjoy being a detective...
Hathor says:
"Don't you understand? The chances of you being allowed back on the force again are slim to none. We will likely never catch and prove that the vhaz and their leader took us before the attack and that we didn't abandon our posts. You're completely free. You were more than ready to flee several times in the few days, now that the opening is there and legal, why won't you take it?"
Harmonia says:
"...my heart is telling me to stay...."
Harmonia says:
"but i could run the business here..."
Harmonia says:
"but living alone in that house....it makes my blood cold....and it makes me sad..."
The GM says:
{Milika} "knock knock, anyone here?"
Harmonia says:
*sighs* "no one's here"
Hathor says:
"Yeah Milika. Come on in."
Hathor says:
The GM says:
{Milika} thought you would like to know how our friend is doing
The GM says:
{Milika} the wound is still there, but it is showing signs that it will close, we just have to keep him alive untill his body heals naturealy
Hathor says:
"That's good. Has he said anything?"
The GM says:
{Milika} "not yet, he is still in a lot of pain"
Harmonia says:
The GM says:
{Milika} "speeking of pain, how went the meeting with the folks?"
Hathor says:
"About as well as a tomahok to the forehead.
The GM says:
{Milika} "ouch, what will you do now?"
Harmonia says:
Harmonia says:
"but there is good news...."
Harmonia says:
"i have control of my ex-husband's assets...."
The GM says:
{Milika} "ex?!?"
Hathor says:
"Have a seat Milika"
Harmonia says:
"yeah....the marriage was law recongized when i turned 18...even without a ceremony"
The GM says:
{Milika} "well thats good news at least!"
The GM says:
{Milika} *takes a close look at Harmonia* "so why arnt you jumping for joy?"
Harmonia says:
"given it is everything i ever wanted....but....i just can't leave here...."
The GM says:
{Milika} "ah, i see"
Harmonia says:
"that house...it's too big for just me to live in...and plus..it is dante's"
The GM says:
{Milika} *looks at Hathor* "so what will you be doing?" *looks back to Harmonia by the time he finishes the sentence to poorly give the impression that it was ment for her*
Harmonia says:
"i don't know...."
The GM says:
{Milika} looks back to hathor
Hathor says:
"I've suggested that she takes it, her one shot at freedom. Especially considering the whole deal with her suspension. But that doesn't seem to make much of a difference to her. As for myself, well, I guess I've just got to wait for that Vhaz attack we were warned of. The city is my charge, I must see it protected this time. This time, I MUST be there."
The GM says:
{Milika} "he has a point, there is no way that old battle axe will ever let you back on the beat"
Harmonia says:
"you don't think he'll let me back on...even if i beg...and a pay deduction?"
Hathor says:
"No. We'd have to prove that we didn't desert during the attack, and you'd still have to catch the leader to make up for your show in the office."
Harmonia says:
The GM says:
{Milika} "and i dont know how to catch a transplaner being
Harmonia says:
"well...maybe if we play along with him...we could get him to show his true self..."
The GM says:
{Milika} we ran away, we are helping Johnson who he must know has got away from his controll... i dont think we are at the top of his 'trust' list
Harmonia says:
how about this...
Harmonia says:
i'll go....
The GM says:
{Milika} "and....?"
The GM says:
{Milika} "or is that it?"
Harmonia says:
i'll go, find this master person, or whoever, and bring him back
The GM says:
{Milika} "by yourself???"
Harmonia says:
i was the one who got myself in the mess i'm in
The GM says:
{Milika} "youre not going to commit suicide on my watch, cause thats just what you are propsing"
Harmonia says:
no it isn't
The GM says:
{Milika} *looks at Hathor* "help me out here"
Hathor says:
"Milika's right. It's suicide to hunt the Leader. We can't see him or hear him unless he wants us to. He had us unconcious before we could even realize what was happening. You alone are no match for him. I don't think the whole town, completely mobilized, could stand much of a chance."
The GM says:
{Milika} "exactly, the entire force tried to stop them and they barly slowed them down, what can you do alone?"
Harmonia says:
they'll expect more than one
Harmonia says:
so we will have the slight element of surprise...and plus if i can maybe train my magic a little....
Hathor says:
"You'll be able to make things glow and open boxes on command."
Harmonia says:
.....if i work on it...i can do more, couldn't i?!
The GM says:
{Milika} "ok, answer me this. how will you get in?"
Harmonia says:
how long will it take johnson to get well?
The GM says:
{Milika} could be days, could be weeks, he could die tomorrow
The GM says:
{Milika} "as it is he is hardly in any shape to mount a covert strike"
Harmonia says:
oh he won't
Harmonia says:
he'll just tell me
Harmonia says:
Hathor says:
"Tell you what? How to get in? How to track the Leader? How to trap an interplanar being without dieing a horrible horrible death?"
Harmonia says:
how to get in...the rest....we'll cross that bridge when we get to it
The GM says:
{Milika} "this is compleatly insane you realize?"
Harmonia says:
"no one ever said i was rational"
Hathor says:
"Your parents would not approve... Not that that's mattered much in the past. You now have a chance to make it up to them. Don't throw it away on a suicide mission."
The GM says:
{Milika} "theres irrational and then there is this
Hathor says:
"Remember the time when you thought you could fly? This is just as mad."
Hathor says:
"But it'll end with more than a sprained ankle."
Harmonia says:
"i thought i could fly....huh?"
Hathor says:
"After we had be educated by the Leader on the Vhaz."
The GM says:
{Milika} back at the leaders hq
Harmonia says:
"it's not ringing a bell...i'm sorry..."
Hathor says:
"You went nuts. Thought you could fly. Leapt off a chair and sprained your ankle. It was healed by magic. You were amazed at the pretty colour of the rune?"
Harmonia says:
Hathor says:
"Do you remember anything that occurred while we were captured?"
Harmonia says:
"we were captured....? wow...learn something new everyday"
The GM says:
{Milika} "now yure being silly"
Hathor says:
"You're pulling our legs right?"
Harmonia says:
"i wish i knew what you boys were talking about...."
The GM says:
{Milika} "quit playing. i wont have any part of this suicide mission of yours. if you want to kill yourself atleast do it in a way that wont piss off one of the largest military powers in this area and likley bring down its wrath on this city"
Hathor says:
"If your memory is this bad, how can you expect to remember anything Johnson tells you?"
Harmonia says:
"i have no clue what you are talking about..this being captured..you sound like mad men"
Hathor says:
Hathor says:
/me looks at Milika
The GM says:
{Milika} "dont look at me, ive stated my opinion."
Hathor says:
"I'm wondering more about her memory loss."
The GM says:
{Milika} *mutters* "i still think she is playing it"
Harmonia says:
"this leader guy....who is he?"
Harmonia says:
"what does he look like?"
The GM says:
{Milika} "alright, im out of here" *get up to leave*
Hathor says:
"Do you remember you name?"
Harmonia says:
"harmonia.....there's more.....but i don't know it"
Hathor says:
And who am I?
Harmonia says:
Hathor says:
"And the guy escaping out the door?"
Harmonia says:
The GM says:
{Milika} *gets to the door* "hope you have fun 'bob' "
The GM says:
{Milika} *leaves*
Hathor says:
"You too 'john'"
Harmonia says:
Harmonia says:
"aren't those your names? i thought they were..."
Hathor says:
"I'd slap you to try and jog your memory if it wasn't against my moral code."
Harmonia says:
i'm so confused
Hathor says:
"What do you remember?"
Harmonia says:
all i really remember is my name is harmonia something....and i was supposed to marry this one guy...that's it"
Hathor says:
Harmonia says:
"i don't remember anything bob, i really don't"
Hathor says:
"It's Hathor. I've been your partner for the city watch for the past six years. You were suspended yesterday. Your parents came in town today and announced that the guy you were married to died and that you inhereted his business. They expect to meet you for lunch. You plan on going to lunch with them, announcing your acceptance of the business, and leaving with them for Dante's old place as"
Hathor says:
"soon as possible."
Harmonia says:
"oh...he died?"
Hathor says:
"Of the fever."
Harmonia says:
Harmonia says:
"can you answer me this...what is the rest of my name?"
Hathor says:
"Your last name is Candelori."
Harmonia says:
"Harmonia Candelori....."
Harmonia says:
"are you sure?"
Hathor says:
"As far as I know, that's your name. Unless you've been lying to me all these years."
Harmonia says:
"i don't know.....dah!"
Harmonia says:
*falls to the floor*
Hathor says:
*shakes his head and picks her up, escorting her to her room*3
Harmonia says:
"it hurts...."
Hathor says:
"What hurts?"
Harmonia says:
"it's like someone is taking everything away from me...my name is Harmo...Harm....i don't know!"
Hathor says:
"Shush. Rest now. I'll fetch a healer."
Hathor says:
/me puts her down in the bed, under the blankets.
Hathor says:
"Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back."
Harmonia says:
"my name is Ha...i forget it all...."
Hathor says:
*Runs off in search of a healer, carefully locking the door as he leaves the house*
Hathor says:
"Shit this healing is a drain on my accounts..."
The GM says:
You run to the nearest temple, temple of Carmonia (the one Johnson is at)
Hathor says:
(Was that really the name we were using?)
The GM says:
(i think so, not sure)
Harmonia says:
(i don't know)
The GM says:
(lets assume it is)
Harmonia says:
Hathor says:
"Anyone hear know anything to cure Amnesia?"
The GM says:
{Healer} "what happened?"
Hathor says:
"She just started forgetting stuff, and now she can't even remember her name... I don't even know if it was safe to leave her alone in the house to fetch someone who might be able to help."
The GM says:
{Healer} "we best go see her right away"
Hathor says:
"Follow me"
Hathor says:
*Heads back to his place
The GM says:
{Healer} *follows*
The GM says:
{Healer} "lets get a look at you" *heads over towards Harmonia*
Harmonia says:
who are you?!
Hathor says:
"Harmonia, this is the healer."
Harmonia says:
*runs to the corner*
Hathor says:
"He's here to help."
Harmonia says:
who are you?!"
The GM says:
{Healer} "I am Macheal, im here to help you with your memory problem"
Harmonia says:
"but who is he?!" *point to hathor*
The GM says:
{Macheal} "that is your friend Hathor
Hathor says:
"I'm Hathor. This is my house. We've been partners for the city watch for the past six years."
Harmonia says:
"city watch??"
The GM says:
{Macheal} *looks all around her head while you talk, looking for injuries and whatnot*
Harmonia says:
"why is he looking at my head so wierdly.....?"
Harmonia says:
*goes into the corner, bringing her legs up to her chest*
Hathor says:
"Because you've forgotton everything. He's trying to find out why."
The GM says:
{Macheal} "I am trying to find out if you hurt yourself and if that is whats causing your memory loss. now if you wil please come back here and sit in the chair...."
Harmonia says:
"i'm scared....."
The GM says:
{Macheal} "there is nothing to be afraid of, now please, i cant work without being able to see you well in good lighting
Harmonia says:
"if you say so....."
Harmonia says:
*gets up, timidly, and sits in the chair, scared stiff*
The GM says:
{Macheal} "thank you, now Mr. Delresseck, can you please tell me what happened immediatly before the symptoms started" *continues to poke at diferent parts of her head*
Hathor says:
"Well, her parents had been over. They had just caught up with her after a long absence. They informed her that her husband, whom she had fled from, had recently died of the fever and that he had left his entire estate and wine business to her. Milika and I were trying to convince her to go and take over the business since she just lost her job here anyways. Then, she just started forgetting."
Hathor says:
"First it was the events of the past week or so, but that rapidly grew to include her name."
Harmonia says:
"what is my name? who am i?"
The GM says:
{Macheal} "ah, well it could be extreme stress due to the loss of her husband then" *stops his examination*
Hathor says:
"But she never even knew or liked the man..."
The GM says:
{Macheal} "ah, well then..." *starts to examine her back*
Harmonia says:
what are you doing?!
The GM says:
{Macheal} "as i said, i am looking for injuries. they are far and away the most common cause of memory loss"
Harmonia says:
Harmonia says:
"any injuries yet.....?"
The GM says:
{Macheal} "none"
Hathor says:
"It doesn't seem to make sense does it?"
The GM says:
{Macheal} "it will, once i find the cause..."
Hathor says:
"Perhaps... No, it couldn't be. Not after this long."
The GM says:
{Macheal} "what?"
Hathor says:
"Well, almost a week ago she had a burst of insanity. Thought she could fly. Well, she leapt off of some chairs a few times and ended up spraining her ankle. Some priest put a sort of salve on the wound, wrapped it, then cast a spell. The spell left a blue rune on the bandages for a while. When her ankle was better, the rune disappeared. Perhaps it may have had something to do with it?"
The GM says:
{Macheal} "it may.... do you still have the wrappings?"
Hathor says:
"But that was a week ago. So I don't see why the memory loss would wait until today if it was a result of this spell.."
Hathor says:
"I don't know... I could check her bag. Continue your examination, I'll check it."
The GM says:
{Macheal} *now begins looking at her feet*
Harmonia says:
hey! stop that tickles!
Harmonia says:
Hathor says:
/me moves off to the master bedroom and looks for Harmonia's backpack, upon finding it, he looks inside for the bandages
The GM says:
{Macheal} *in a stern voice* "please be still."
Harmonia says:
that tickles!
Harmonia says:
*continues laughing*
The GM says:
{Macheal} *stands up and looks at her with a very serious look.* "Madam, if you do not control yourself we may never find the cause of your illness."
Hathor says:
(Are they in there, I have no clue)
Harmonia says:
(i think we left them on the side of the road....)
Harmonia says:
*stops laughing, trying to look serious* ok if you say so
The GM says:
(i think we kept them..... not 100% sure. lets say there is still some left anyway)
Hathor says:
*grabs the bandages and returns to the spare bedroom*
Hathor says:
"These are they."
The GM says:
{Macheal} *takes a look at them* "there is a week aura coming from these... its unlike anything i have seen. I will have to consult some of my superiors to rule it out as the cause or not" *puts the wrappings in his bag* "for now, i will compleate my examination"
The GM says:
{Macheal} *looks at her back, has her turn her head and cough, checks her pulse, other stuff like that*
The GM says:
{Macheal} *compleates his examination* "well, there are no injuries that i can see. i will have someone look a the wrappings however my diagnosis is still that this was stress related. Keep her relaxed and well fed for the next few days and tell me if there is any change"
Harmonia says:
what is your name?
The GM says:
{Macheal} " my name is Macheal"
Harmonia says:
The GM says:
{Macheal} "Cassini"
Harmonia says:
The GM says:
{Macheal} "that is my last name."
Harmonia says:
"my name is......" *looks to hathor*
Hathor says:
"Your name is Harmonia Candelori"
The GM says:
{Macheal} "we have already been introduced"
Harmonia says:
Hathor says:
*shakes his head in dismay*
Hathor says:
"Thanks for coming Macheal. How can I repay you?"
The GM says:
{Macheal} "no need, atleast untill we have nailed down the cause. then we can discuss the matter"
Harmonia says:
bye bye!
Hathor says:
Harmonia says:
The GM says:
{Macheal} *leaves*
Harmonia says:
*looks to hathor and points to herself* "harm.....harmonia?"
Hathor says:
"Yes. Your name is Harmonia. Harmonia Candelori."
Harmonia says:
"and your name is Ha....hathor?"
Hathor says:
"Very good."
Harmonia says:
"yeah, my name is......Harmonia"
Harmonia says:
"my name is Harmonia....Harmonia Cand.........Candelori"
Hathor says:
That's right.
Harmonia says:
"i'm tired...."
Hathor says:
"Then sleep. Your bed is right there. I'll go meet your parents. They need to know."
Harmonia says:
Harmonia says:
*walks over to her bed, and sits down on it, looking around*
Hathor says:
/me leaves the room, closing the door behind him. For a moment, he contemplates locking it. 'Its for her own good,' he thinks, 'it'd prevent her from leaving and facing this harsh world in her current state.' In the end though, his sense on honour objects and he leaved the door to her room unlocked.
Hathor says:
He makes is way outside and locks the house. Then he heads towards the markets, hoping to catch Harmonia's parents,and dreading the news that he has to pass on to them.
The GM says:
You find her parrents sitting at one of the outdoor cafe's enjoying a coffie and some light appitizers
Hathor says:
"Mr. Candelori. Mrs. Candelori. I'm afraid I've bad news."
The GM says:
{Mom} "what is it? where is she?"
Hathor says:
"She's still at my place. But... Well... It's just that the shock of todays events were too much for her. The healer says its probably just because of the stress, but isn't sure." *babbles incoherently for a moment*
The GM says:
{Dad} "say that again son?"
Hathor says:
*Takes a deep breath before stating it simpler* "Harmonia seems to be suffering from extreme memory loss. One moment we were talking about her future in the wine industry, the next she couldn't even remember her own name, let alone anything about wine."
The GM says:
{mom} *gets up and calls for her bill* "Come on, lets go"
Hathor says:
"The healer says that she just needs a couple days of good rest and good food. I'm not so sure, but then I'm not a healer."
The GM says:
{mom} "youre also not a mother" *once she paid for the food she starts walking toward Hathors...*
Hathor says:
*heads back home... again.*
The GM says:
{dad} "never a quiet day when Hamonia is involved" *gets up and follows*
Hathor says:
"She was going to bed when I left. I considered casting a spell on her to make her sleep while we were out, but in her current state, I could have no idea what the effect might be."
The GM says:
{mom} "thank you for you help, but i think she will be better off staying with us tongiht"
Hathor says:
"You are probably right."
Hathor says:
/me unlocks the door to his house, letting Harmonia's folks in.
The GM says:
{dad} "thanks for taking care of her"
Harmonia says:
*gets up out of her bed and opens the door* "what's all the talking?"
Hathor says:
"Harmonia, your parents have come to take care of you..."
Harmonia says:
The GM says:
{mom} "SWEETY!"
Harmonia says:
Harmonia says:
*runs back into her room and closes the door, and runs going behind the bed*
Hathor says:
The GM says:
{mom} chases after her
The GM says:
{mom} "come on out and let me see whats the matter"
Harmonia says:
*is scared stiff, shivering behind the bed*
The GM says:
{dad} "leave her be honny, cant you see shes terrorfied??"
The GM says:
{mom} "but she needs me!"
The GM says:
{dad} "come" *said half as a request, half as a command*
Harmonia says:
*repears over and over to herself "my name is harmonia candelori...my name is harmonia candelori"*
Harmonia says:
The GM says:
{mom} *starts crying*
» Transcript of Session 5
[Should be backdated June 19th, 2004, 11:59pm]

{Fallwind} After finishing your pasta you each retire for the evening. when you check on Johnson he seems to be doing better, the wound is clean but still open. The next morning you awake with the sunrise, its about 8:00am
{DestinyScarlatti} *comes out of her room, her blue dress on, trying to hide so no one sees her in a dress*
{Milika} *already in the kitchen, looking for something to cook*
{Milika} "If i were an egg, where would i be?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *sneaks past and is about to go out the door*
{Milika} *doesnt see you*
{Rintaran} /me comes strutting out of his room towards the kitchen
{Milika} "Hay, where do you keep your food?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *crosses her fingers and opens the door slipping out, closing it on her way out*
{Fallwind} Shawn, roll a listen check
{Fallwind} dc 10
{Rintaran} "I don't usually keep much. But I think there's some dry oats in the top cupboard.
Rintaran rolled a 18 with a d20
Fallwind rolled a 14 with a d20
{Rintaran} +3=21
{Fallwind} *click* you hear the latch on the door close
{Milika} "click?"
{Rintaran} /me moves over to the door, opens it up, hoping to catch sight of whomever the culprit may be.
{Fallwind} you see harmonina trying to get away in a blue dress
{Rintaran} "Harmonia! Where are you rushing off to this early in the morning?
{DestinyScarlatti} *is trying to put her hair up in clips and her hair falls back to around her face, dropping the clips* "damnit!"
{DestinyScarlatti} "my parents.....recall?"
{Rintaran} "Yes I do. They shouldn't be in for an hour still. You should have something to eat, and listen to my little plan. I still haven't had the chance to reveal it."
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok...ok....as long as someone can help me put my hair up"
{Milika} "you guys going to come eat or what?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *turns back and starts walking back to the house*
{Rintaran} To Harmonia: "Sure" To Milika: "Of course. Is there water boiling yet?"
{Milika} its working on it
{DestinyScarlatti} *comes to the door, her clips in her hand, her hair everywhere*
{Rintaran} /me shakes his head and smiles.
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes a step inside, and sits down on the floor in the living room, determined to keep her hair away from her face*
{Rintaran} "Has anyone checked on Johnson this morning?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "yes, i did"
{Milika} *hands Hathor a bowl of cooked oats* "here you go"
{Rintaran} /me moves over to assist Harmonia with her hair as best as he can.
{Rintaran} "Thanks Milika."
{Milika} "so did i"
{Milika} *goes back for 2 more bowls*
{Rintaran} "How's he doing?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "the wound is clean....but open...
{Milika} "better, he may pull thru. he is sleep ing now so we should keep it down"
{DestinyScarlatti} "true..."
{DestinyScarlatti} ow!
{Rintaran} "We're going to have to move him soon enough. Is your place far Milika? We can't keep him here if our little charade is going to work."
{Milika} "to hot?
{Milika} "charade?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "no....i tried to put a clip in my hair, and i stabbed my head"
{Rintaran} "Yes, unless we perform a little charade for Harmonia's parents, she'll have to go and marry a man who she has no intention of marrying."
{DestinyScarlatti} "and not to mention....his name is Dante..."
{Rintaran} "Dante? Can't say I've ever heard that name..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "recall the wine we drank last night, his parents own the vineyard....the only reason we consider them family is because they arranged the marriage ever since i was born"
{Rintaran} "Ah. That Dante. Well, I guess the time has come to introduce my little plan to save you from an unwanted marriage."
{DestinyScarlatti} "please?"
{Milika} ya, lets hear it
{Rintaran} "It's quite simple. Your parents will force you to marry him unless you're already married right?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah....."
{Rintaran} "Then we just need to pretend that you're married to someone who knows you better than anyone else in this city, and who can meet your parents face to face and make them believe the sham to be a reality. A profitable reality even."
{DestinyScarlatti} "and can i ask a stupid question? would said person, be you perhaps?"
{Milika} hah, this i will have to see
{Rintaran} "Of course you will have to see it Milika. You're an important part of the charade. You play the role of the family friend, who was my best man at the wedding."
{DestinyScarlatti} *finally gets her hair up in the clips, away from her face, 2 pieces of hair dangling* "that sounds like it could work"
{Milika} "perfict!"
{Milika} "this is going to be a hoot"
{Rintaran} "It'll be tricky to pull off, but I think we can do it."
{DestinyScarlatti} "and i just have to remember what my parents taught me about being a proper hostess"
{Rintaran} "We need to transfer Johnson out though. And we must get rid of this rug. We didn't do anything about the blood Johnson spilt on it last night."
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh great...."
{Rintaran} "A pity. The rug really pulled the room together. Oh well."
{Rintaran} /me chows down on the last of his oatmeal.
{Milika} We should be able to have him treated at the temple of Cardinia... for a donation" *looks at Hathor*
{DestinyScarlatti} "well, if best comes to best...my parents might give their blessing which means...i have access to any of the money"
{DestinyScarlatti} "well, where is Johnson going to go?"
{Rintaran} "We have to stop off at the temple anyways. I may as well make a larger donation than I had intended."
{Milika} sounds good, i should go ahead to make sure they are prepaired
{DestinyScarlatti} "my parents will be coming in town any time now, we need to hurry about this"
{Rintaran} "Right."
{Rintaran} /me tosses the bowl into the sink and in a flurry of motion, starts rolling up the area rug, moving furniture enough to get it done.
{Milika} ill get over to the temple, do you have any way to transport him or should i have them send over a carrage?
{Rintaran} "The carriage if you please."
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes over to Hathor and helps him the best she can*
{Rintaran} "Our only alternative is to carry him by hand."
{Rintaran} "Harmonia, I believe I promised the priest a certain painting. It should be in the closet of the room that you slept in last night. Do you mind getting it?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "it would be a pleasure"
{Milika} "well, im on my way. see in in 10 minutes"
{Milika} *leaves*
{Rintaran} "Godspeed Milika."
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes walking back to her room, and goes to the closet* "ummm.....there's more than one painting...."
{Rintaran} "It's the Vacini Portrait. Gold trimming, a elderly man with a short grey beard."
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok, grazi"
{Rintaran} /me drags the rolled carpet towards the door.
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks for the painting, and thinks she found the right one and takes it out*
{DestinyScarlatti} *walks out to the living room, careful not to bump into any walls* "is this the right one?"
{Rintaran} /me looks up and nods.
{Rintaran} Yes, it's exactly the right one. Vacini Romanow was the founder of the local chapter of the church of Cardinia."
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh....you learn something new everyday....but he looks familiar...."
{DestinyScarlatti} "or he looks like someone i've met before..."
{Rintaran} "He should. I suspect I'll look a lot like him when I'm his age."
{DestinyScarlatti} "you are related?"
{Rintaran} "Yes. A goodly number of generations in between though. Through his great-granddaughter Katerina."
{DestinyScarlatti} "ah"
{Rintaran} "Will you put the portrait on the table and help me drag this outside. We have to put it in the alley two houses down. That's were the nearest pick-up is."
{DestinyScarlatti} "sure"
{DestinyScarlatti} *puts the painting down, and goes over to hathor, and picks up the rug*
{Rintaran} "You'll need to move your stuff into the master bedroom and put it away after. Otherwise, things would look suspicious."
{Rintaran} /me backs out the front door until the entirety of the rug and Harmonia have left the building.
{DestinyScarlatti} *stops for a moment, and looks at the rug as it glows*
{Rintaran} "Close the door, we don't want anyone walking in and taking that painting."
{DestinyScarlatti} (light spell)
{Rintaran} /me notices the glowing rug
{DestinyScarlatti} "what is that....?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "why is it glowing like that....?"
{Rintaran} "Because someone casted a spell on it, or so I'd guess. And since I know it wasn't me, and there's no one else here, that mean's you're manifesting the same power that runs through my bloodline."
{DestinyScarlatti} "but.....that doesn't make sense!"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't know magic or anything like that"
{Rintaran} "Niether did I when my powers first manifested. One minute I was brushing my teeth, the next minute I was slammed in the face when the mirror/cabinet swung open on its own."
{DestinyScarlatti} "let
{DestinyScarlatti} *"let's sort this out later"
{Rintaran} "Good idea. Close the door so we can get this to the ally without worrying about someone knicking my stuff."
{DestinyScarlatti} *turns around and closes the door, acting slightly paranoid, looking everywhere, hoping it wasn't her"
{Rintaran} "Will you relax already. Making things shine is hardly something to worry about."
{Rintaran} /me begins moving the rug over towards the alley.
{DestinyScarlatti} "but if you don't want them to! then it is"
{DestinyScarlatti} *moves the rug with hathor toward the alley*
{Rintaran} "Everything just sort of goes off when you first manifest. You'll learn to control it soon enough."
{Fallwind} two people walking past give you odd looks for carrying a glowing rug
{DestinyScarlatti} "see, people, they saw it...."
{Rintaran} "Good morning Frank. Good morning Judy."
{Rintaran} /me nods at them and continues.
{Fallwind} "morning"
{DestinyScarlatti} *continues following hathor, carrying the rug*
{Rintaran} "Neighbours."
{Rintaran} /me moves into the alley.
{DestinyScarlatti} *sets the rug down when they get to the alley and smoothes her dress, trying to get her nerves under control*
{Rintaran} /me puts down the rug.
{Rintaran} "Just try to remain calm. This day has to go without a hitch and strong emotions tend to trigger manifestations."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm trying! and i can't!"
{Rintaran} "Come on. We have to discuss the details of this sham."
{Rintaran} /me heads back towards the house.
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok...."
{DestinyScarlatti} *follows hathor*
{Fallwind} on your way back you see Milika pass by on the temples carrage
{Rintaran} "That was fast."
{DestinyScarlatti} "yes it was...."
{DestinyScarlatti} *keeps her hands behind her back, trying to slow her breathing*
{Rintaran} "Ok, we'll say we've been married for 2 years... How's June 29th for you?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *nods her head*
{Rintaran} "It was a sunny outdoor wedding. Priest Malon married us. He died last year of old age, so they won't be able to verify or debunk that by talking to him."
{DestinyScarlatti} "but they could look up records, could they not?"
{Rintaran} "They won't see the need with the best man right there with us."
{DestinyScarlatti} "true.....i hope"
{Rintaran} "Favourite flower? Favourite colour?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "favorite color...blue"
{Fallwind} When you arive at the house you see Milika and 2 medics waiting for you to unlock the door
{Rintaran} /me rushes up and opens up the door.
{Rintaran} "Thanks for waiting, but the door was unlocked."
{DestinyScarlatti} *continues walking, looking at the ground*
{Milika} "my bad"
{Rintaran} "That's ok. Help the medics load Johnson, I'll grab the donations."
{Milika} ok
{Rintaran} "harmonia, don't forget to move your stuff to the master bedroom."
{DestinyScarlatti} "woah!"
{Rintaran} /me looks for the painting.
{Fallwind} Milika and the 2 medics disapear into the house
{Fallwind} a medic is carrying a strecher
{DestinyScarlatti} *notices she walked a little past the house and backtracks getting to the door*
{Rintaran} /me rushes inside, goes to the master room and grabs a sack of gold. He then rushes back to the kitchen and grabs the painting off the table, admiring it for a few moments, likely for the last time."
{Milika} "easy with him fellas"
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes in the house, and walks toward her room and grabs her stuff, and wonders around trying to find the master bedroom*
{DestinyScarlatti} *wanders
{Milika} "Hathor, they are ready to go:"
{Rintaran} "Think I can just give them the donations to deliver? We won't have time to make the trip ourselves and pick up Harmonia's parents on time."
{DestinyScarlatti} *bumps into hathor, as she's trying to find the master bedroom*
{Medic} we can take them with us sir, they arnt large
{Rintaran} "Unless... You go with them and bring it. Return in about an hour making a proper visit... It would be suspicious if you were already there when we picked up her parents."
{DestinyScarlatti} *backs away, blushing*
{DestinyScarlatti} "i........i'm sorry...."
{Rintaran} "Harmonia, the master bedroom's at the end of the hall."
{Milika} "sound good with me"
{DestinyScarlatti} *turns around, and starts walking to the end of the hall*
{Rintaran} "Milika, this is very important. The wedding was 2 years ago on June 29th. Priest Malon presided."
{Rintaran} /me looks almost frazzled as the full weight of the upcoming situation suddenly hits him.
{Rintaran} "Here's the donations Milika. We'll see you in an hour."
{Milika} 2 years ago, june 29th, Priest Malon... what temple?
{Rintaran} /me hands Milika the sack of gold and the priceless painting.
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes back and hits the wall as she sees the master bedroom*
{Rintaran} "It was an outdoor wedding, sunny day in the grove by the standing stone on the east side of town."
{Milika} ok, im off again. good luck, see you in an hour
{DestinyScarlatti} *rubs the back of her head*
{DestinyScarlatti} "that hurt......."
{Rintaran} "Gods be with you Milika."
{Rintaran} /me finds himself a mirror and looks at himself in it, adjusting his hair and trying to make himself look presentable.
{Milika} "Gods be with Johnson"
{DestinyScarlatti} "hathor.....that room....it's huge!"
{Rintaran} "Every room is huge to you."
{Fallwind} Milika, the medics and Johnson leave down the road again toward the temple
{DestinyScarlatti} "where do you want me to put my stuff again?"
{Rintaran} May as well use the closet. There should still be plenty of room."
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok...."
{DestinyScarlatti} *walks in the master bedroom and goes to the closet and opens it, setting the bag at one corner, and takes out her other dress*
{Rintaran} /me walks over to the master bedroom and leans up against the doorframe, watching silently.
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks at the dress for the longest of time, her breathing slow and calm*
{Rintaran} "Just in case they ask, my favourite flower is the white rose, and my favourite colour is dark green."
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles*
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't beleive i told you mine....did i?
{Rintaran} "Not the flower."
{DestinyScarlatti} "my favorite flower.....beleive it or not...is a white rose...."
{Rintaran} /me smiles.
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks at hathor for a moment, then back at the dress, trying to hide a blush*
{Rintaran} "Come on. I think we've tarried long enough. Where are we supposed to meet your parents?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *hangs the dress up carefully in the closet, and then goes over to hathor, and kisses him lightly on the lips*
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't know where i'm supposed to meet them, they mentioned something about the north entrance...."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i mean where we're supposed to meet them"
{Rintaran} "Then we may as well head that way. Should we hire a carriage, or just walk? Which would you parents expect a married couple to provide?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "walking...."
{Rintaran} "Then it shall be so. We better get going..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "yes we should"
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles but doesn't seem to go, trying the best she can to hide the blush*
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok let's go....."
{Rintaran} /me turns, somewhat reluctantly and heads out towards the livingroom. He notices the cot still lying there and quickly shoves it into a closet, before continuing to the door that leads outside. He holds the door open for his 'wife'.
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks to the floor, and smiles while she passes hathor, and waits right outside the door for her 'husband'*
{Rintaran} /me closes the door behind him, locking it tight.
{Rintaran} "It'll be okay. We can do this." Hathor reaches out with his right hand and softly raises her head so they can look in each other's eyes. "They'll never beleive it if you won't look me in the eyes though."
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles lightly* "we can do this...."
{Rintaran} /me smiles reassuringly, a hint of laughter in his eyes.
{DestinyScarlatti} "if this is a dream....please don't wake me....."
{Rintaran} "Let's get this started."
{Rintaran} /me starts heading towards the north entrance
{Fallwind} as you walk north you pass into the richer areas of town with huge houses that dwarf even Hathors
{DestinyScarlatti} *follows hathor, close to his side*
{Fallwind} You see your parents walking thru one of the many parks, your mother is looking at some of the "local flowers" (read: weeds) and your father is uninterested
{DestinyScarlatti} *puts a smile on, and takes a deep breath, looking confident*
{DestinyScarlatti} "bonjiourno mama and papa"
{Mom} "Sweety!" *runs up and gives you a big hug and kisses your cheek repeatadly*
{DestinyScarlatti} *kisses her mom on both cheeks* "hello mama"
{Rintaran} /me smiles at the unexpected appearance of a happy reunion.
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles and goes to her dad and curtsies*
{DestinyScarlatti} "hi papa"
{Dad} *in a very gruff voice* "hello Harmonia"
{DestinyScarlatti} "mama, papa. i have a very special person for you to meet...."
{Mom & Dad} *looks at Hathor*
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes back to hathor and takes his hand in hers*
{DestinyScarlatti} "this is hathor...he's my husband"
{Rintaran} "It is a pleasure to meet you at last. You've raised a wonderful daughter."
{Mom} *sputter* "Say again dear?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "this is my husband..."
{Dad} *glowers*
{Mom} "I have to say i am a little dissapointed you didnt think to tell us this before we came all the way here"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i didn't have a chance...."
{DestinyScarlatti} "with keeping the house and all....and enertaining"
{Dad} "how long does it take to write a letter?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *closes her eyes, trying to slow her breathing again*
{Mom} "Let me get a look at you" *walks over to Hathor*
{Rintaran} "Mr. Candelori, this week has had numerous incidents here in Meridiana. The postal service is temporarily out of service."
{DestinyScarlatti} *says a quite praise*
{DestinyScarlatti} *doesn't leave hathor's side*
{Dad} "so you have only known my daughter for a week and you are already wed?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "daddy on the contrary, we have been wed for 2 years"
{Rintaran} "No sir. We met six years ago and have been married these two years past."
{Dad} *turns to Harmonia* "then why did you not write 6 years ago?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "6 years ago....you still wanted me to marry Dante...."
{Rintaran} /me gulps, hoping no one notices.
{Mom} "And you still may, we have yet to give our blessing on this man. what do you do for a living Mr.....?"
{Rintaran} "Delresseck, Hathor Delresseck. I work for the city watch. One of their better detectives, especially due to the events of this past week."
{Dad} Dective? sounds like dangerious work
{Rintaran} "It has its moments. Come, you must be tired after such a long journey. Would it not be more, appropriate, to discuss things in the comfort of the home of your daughter and myself?"
{Dad} "Very well"
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles, continuing to try and look pleasent*
{DestinyScarlatti} "but how is Dante and the business doing papy?"
{Dad} Well enough
{DestinyScarlatti} *whispers only loud enough for hathor to hear* "i'm glad they didn't catch what i said...."
{Rintaran} /me begins leading the way to his place, his arm around the waist of his 'wife'
{Mom & Dad} *looking more concerne the further they get away from the ultra rich north side*
{Mom} "How much farther is it to your place... Hathor?"
{Rintaran} "Not much farther at all. Only another block. My family has a long history in this city. Though we could have afforded a larger dwelling, the family estate could not be given up."
{DestinyScarlatti} "it's absolutely beautiful mum...i promise"
{Mom} *cracks a smile at her husband*
{DestinyScarlatti} "this is it...."
{DestinyScarlatti} *points to the house right in front of them*
{Rintaran} /me unlocks the door and holds it open for the family to enter.
{Mom} *admires the room*
{Dad} Walks in but doesnt take his eyes off Hathor
{DestinyScarlatti} "mom you want some tea?"
{Rintaran} "Almost twenty generations have owned this house. It was built by Mussolini Romanow, the father of Vacini Romanow, the priest who established the local chapter of the church of Candelori."
{mom} "Please"
{Dad} "Impressive. were they all dectectives?" *said with a little scorn*
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles and goes to the kitchen and boils some water, getting out 2 tea-cups*
{DestinyScarlatti} "darling, and dad, would you like some tea as well?"
{Dad} "no thank you"
{Rintaran} "No, I'm the only one who decided to deal with local law enforcement. Vacini's twelve sons joined the League of the Red Cross, the great defenders of the nation. "
{Dad} "and why did you not folow in that tradition?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *shrugs and takes a cup for hathor out anyway*
{Rintaran} "I have thought about it, but I would not want to leave my beautiful wife in Meridiana alone. A decision I am glad I made, considering recent events."
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes the boiling water off the stove, and pours 3 cups of hot tea*
{DestinyScarlatti} "mom here you go"
{DestinyScarlatti} *hands her mom a cup of tea*
{Dad} "and what are these recent events?"
{Mom} "thank you dearie.... so tell me about this husband of yours"
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles* "in a moment mom"
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes back to the kitchen and takes the other two cups, and gives one to hathor*
{Rintaran} "Have you not heard? There was an attack on the docks four days past. It has caused the loss of many lives, numerous properties, and has damaged the trade industry greatly. Not all the culprits have been caught yet, but the force, what remains of it, has numerous leads which are being pursued as we speak."
{Rintaran} "Thanks luv."
{Rintaran} /me smiles affectionately at Harmonia.
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles* "your welcome darling"
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes her cup and sits down next to her mom*
{Dad} "this hardly sounds like a safe city to raise our grandchildern"
{Rintaran} "This was the first attack in many years. It was an isolated incident, I assure you. Meridiana does not have a habit of being the hot spot of violence."
{DestinyScarlatti} "mom, he's so sweet, and kind, and understanding.....he paid for the wedding himself....that was beautiful"
{Mom} "I would have so liked to have been there, why didnt you invite us?"
{Rintaran} /me sips politely from his cup of tea.
{DestinyScarlatti} "i sent you an invitation"
{Mom} *gives a "i somehow doubt that" look*
{DestinyScarlatti} "i know i did....
{DestinyScarlatti} "darling, wasn't the first invitation we did, my parents?"
{Mom} "Then why didnt you send another when we didnt show up?"
{Rintaran} "It was, I had hoped to meet them prior to the wedding."
{DestinyScarlatti} "we sent you multiple invitations, since the postal service here tends to be a little slow..."
{Rintaran} "We were married on June 29th, from what I understand that is the height of the wine season."
{DestinyScarlatti} "June 29 is, and we had quite a selection of your older wines there pappy"
{DestinyScarlatti} "we had hoped you would come...."
{Dad} "we recieved none... infact we havent recieved any word from our daughter since she ran away"
{Rintaran} /me looks somewhat confused.
{DestinyScarlatti} "that is odd..."
{Rintaran} "I do not understand. Her letters were sent out monthly."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm not understanding this either, ever since i came here, about 6 years ago, i started writing letters monthly"
{Rintaran} "I saw them to the post myself on the way to work in the mornings."
{Rintaran} "For the last two years that is. Prior to that, I can only assume she saw to it herself."
{Mom} I find it doubtfull that every letter for 6 years would simply dissapear
{Rintaran} "This is most disturbing. I shall have to start an investigation when I return to work on Monday."
{DestinyScarlatti} "the postal service here isn't know for it's realibility, is it darling?"
{Rintaran} "I never thought it was this bad. My brother, Sir Rupert Delresseck has always recieved my letters promptly, and I his."
{Dad} " 'not know for its realibility' is losing one or two letters, not 70"
{Mom} And didnt you suspect something when we didnt write back even once?
{DestinyScarlatti} "i had figured you were busy, with the vineyard and everything"
{DestinyScarlatti} "it can take quite a bit of time"
{Dad} Busy... for SIX YEARS?
{Mom} dear....
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks down toward the floor*
{Dad} sorry, its just kind of infathomable that you wouldnt try some other form of communication when you were about to get married and you never recieved even one responce to 4 years worth of letters
{Rintaran} "But we did. I sent Henry, my servant, with a special invite a week before the wedding, to ensure that you had be notified. We only recieved word of his untimely death at the hands of some brigands three days after our wedding actually occurred."
{Dad} Im sorry to hear about the death of your servent, but this all does seem a little off if you ask me
{DestinyScarlatti} "luck has never been on our side..."
{Mom} what do you meen by that?
{DestinyScarlatti} "my wedding dress, which is currently gone, was somehow 2 sizes too big, on the day of our wedding, and not to mention... it got burned...."
{Dad} *squints*
{Mom} "..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "it was beautiful...."
{Mom} "what else happened?"
{Mom} *in a happy voice * "i want details"
{DestinyScarlatti} "it was burned...it caught fire...."
{Rintaran} "I think she's talking about the wedding ceremony honey."
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh.... sorry"
{Mom} yes
{DestinyScarlatti} "it was July 29th, it was a hot and not to mention sunny, it was outside, white roses in the boquet...it was just beautiful"
{Mom} "where was it?"
{Rintaran} "We had it in grove on the east side of town, near the standing stone. Priest Malon presided over the event."
{Milika} "Knock knock, anyone home?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "come in come in"
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes to the door and opens it*
{Rintaran} "Milika! What a surprise."
{DestinyScarlatti} "we didn't expect you to come"
{Milika} Ah, you must be Mr and Mrs Candelori.. i am Kris Milika, one of Hathors oldest friends
{Rintaran} "Milika was my best man at the wedding."
{DestinyScarlatti} "sit down milika, and i'll make you a cup of tea"
{Milika} thank you
{Mom} so what do you do Kris?
{Milika} i work with Hathor on the force
{Dad} Ill go give our daughter a hand" *heads for the kitchen*
{Milika} How was your trip?
{Mom} Long...
{Rintaran} /me eyes follow Mr. Candelori, a small amount of nervous fear set within them.
{DestinyScarlatti} oh daddy! you didn't have to come help me
{Dad} *in a voice barely over a whisper* "Harmonia.... what is going on here? you cant honestly expect me to believe you sent over 70 letters and every single one of them went missing, that the person you sent to inform us of your weding died on the way, and you havent tried anything other way to get word to us.... what is REALLY going on"
{Dad} *helps her with the tea in silence, waiting for an answer*
{DestinyScarlatti} *whispers back* "but i did try..."
{DestinyScarlatti} *pours the tea in a cup and goes over to kris* "here you go"
{Dad} *puts a hand on her sholder* "the truth?"
{Dad} * *pust a hand on her sholder in a loving fatherly way*
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes in a deep breath, her eyes darting from hathor to the door*
{DestinyScarlatti} "please...excuse me...."
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes over to the door, walking calmly, and opens it, going outside, closing it behind her*
{Dad} *sighs... and follows*
{Rintaran} /me makes a weak smile, his eyes following their trip outside.
{Milika} "I think ill go see whats keeping those two
{DestinyScarlatti} *runs out of sight before her father sees her*
{Milika} ignore that last thing
{Mom} "Harmonia...."
{Mom} "Mr Delrasseck, would you please explain what is going on?"
{Rintaran} /me shakes his head, looking at the floor.
{Dad} *catches a glimpse of blue cutting into an ally way and calmly walks after it*
{Rintaran} "She was worried about your trip. She thought that the reason why you hadn't responded to any of the letters was because you were angry with her. She's been very nervous lately."
{Mom} we havent heard from her in almost a decade, we were just happy to hear she was alive
{DestinyScarlatti} *collapses somewhere, not knowing where she is, but out of sight from her father, and cries*
{Dad} *looks from ally to ally to try to find his daughter*
{Milika} "Maybe i should go...."
{Fallwind} you have some consealment, but not as much as if you had made a concious effort
{Milika} *gets up*
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets up and looks around, and tries to hide herself*
{DestinyScarlatti} (now i can do hide :p)
{Dad} *spots the movement*
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 15 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 15+2= 17
{Fallwind} *he says down the allyway you are in* "Harmonia?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *doesn't move, or respond*
{Fallwind} "What is this? do you think we are going to drag you back home or something?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *still makes no movements, and no noise*
{Dad} *in a sad voice* "i love you" you see him look straight at you, then slowly turn and walk back to the house
{DestinyScarlatti} *doesn't make any noises, but says to herself "i love you too dad..."*
{Dad} *returns to the house and the awkward silence that has settled there
{DestinyScarlatti} *falls back down to the ground, crying*
{Rintaran} /me stands up as he enters.
{Dad} "Son. answer me honestly, on your honour as an officer. are you actually married to my daughter?"
{Rintaran} /me blanches.
{DestinyScarlatti} (blanches???)
{Dad} "i thought so"
{Mom} "where is Harmonia?"
{Dad} "outside, and she wants to be alone for a while" *his tone leaves no question in anyones mind that they are not to go looking for her*
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets up from where she is, and goes to the nearest exit/entrance of the city*
{Dad} "Well, the next question is what do we do from here?"
{Rintaran} "That is up to you sir. I believe it's fairly obvious that Harmonia doesn't want to marry Dante. I've nothing against the man myself, the Melchiorre's wine has always been a favourite of the Delresseck family."
{Dad} "Well we can cross that bridge when we get to it. do you actually know my daughter?"
{Rintaran} "Yes sir. She's been my partner on the force these past six years."
{Fallwind} which exit are you heading for? the closest would be the north west
{DestinyScarlatti} (then the northwest one)
{Dad} so she is an officer too... this would have been so much easier if she had just been honest with us
{Fallwind} Along the way you get several odd looks from people wondering why you have been crying in a very dirty blue dress
{Mom} Are you sure she is ok?
{Dad} She will be
{Julian} Harmonia... whats wrong?
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks up* "julian....?"
{Julian} *you see him sitting on a squared rock at the edge of one of the smaller plazas*
{DestinyScarlatti} "please julian....i need to leave..."
{Rintaran} "Harmonia has a very strong fight or flight instinct. I've already stopped her from fleeing here twice, since she found out about your visit. I wouldn't be surprised if she's taking off right now, but I can only hope she's trusting this to me."
{Mom} *gets up and heads for her coat* "im not going to lose her again"
{Julian} "No you dont, whats happened?" *he gets off his rock and starts to follow you
{DestinyScarlatti} "julian please!"
{DestinyScarlatti} *starts off running*
{Fallwind} you run for about a block and a half when suddenly he steps out infront of you with a smile on his face
{Julian} you didnt think you could out run me did you? i know every shortcut in the city
{DestinyScarlatti} "julian....please....just let me go..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "and if hathor asks....you didn't see me"
{Julian} "only if you tell me why"
{DestinyScarlatti} *continues walking toward the exit*
{Julian} *continues following
{DestinyScarlatti} *doesn't talk, the only sound is her shoes hitting the ground*
{Dad} "we shouldnt press this now, if we do she may run forever. lets sit down and think this thru this time"
{Julian} "So where are we going?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "somewhere...."
{Julian} "i hear its nice there this time of year"
{DestinyScarlatti} *continues walking, not saying anything else*
{Julian} " either you can tell me or Hathor will..."
{DestinyScarlatti} *doesn't say a thing*
{Julian} *grabs your arm, turning you to face him* "what is you always told me, 'make the most of it'? well how exactly is running away making the most of your life? are you going to give up everything you have done here, all the good you have done in some bout of utter stupidity??" *you can hear a slight level of anger in his voice, you are supprised to hear it from such a young person*
{DestinyScarlatti} "one more piece of advice julian....follow your heart...."
{DestinyScarlatti} *returns gaze and walks again*
{Julian} "And where does your heart lay? hummm? what about your friends here, do they count for nothing?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "my life...it wasn't meant......"
{DestinyScarlatti} *falls back to the ground and cries*
{Julian} "the hell it wasnt! you came here with less then i have now and built yourself a life, a good life to i might add. i always looked up to you as a person who proves that with dedication comes persiveriance. but i guess you were just killing time......"
{DestinyScarlatti} *brings her knees up to her chest, and buries her face in her knees, crying*
{Julian} *kneels beside her* "you dont have to fight this alone...."
{Mom} "So Mr Delresseck, what do you plan to do to rectify this situation?
{Mom} "So Mr Delresseck, what do you plan to do to rectify this situation?"
{Rintaran} "I have no plan. We can head to the nearest city exit from the last place that Mr. Candelori saw her, or we can realize that Harmonia's a big girl who can generally take care of herself and hope that she makes a good choice this time."
{Mom} "She isnt exactly known for thinking things thru"
{Dad} Then we had best start going, no sence in giving her too long a head start
{Rintaran} "Where did you last see her sir?"
{Dad} about 3 allyways down the hill from here
{Rintaran} "Northwest exit. Near the Bloodhound Inn & Tavern."
{Dad} "You should stay here dear..."
{Mom} Not a chance
{Dad} "... incase she comes back"
{Mom} *sits back down*
{Dad} well, lets get going then
{Rintaran} "Right this way sir."
{Dad} *follows Hathor
{Rintaran} /me heads out the door, taking off towards the towns exit, quickly.
{DestinyScarlatti} *stays where she is, despite being feet away from the exit, and continues crying*
{Fallwind} It isnt long before Hathor and Mr Candelori get there and see you with Julian
{Rintaran} "Harmonia!"
{Dad} "Harmonia?"
{Rintaran} /me rushes up to her side.
{DestinyScarlatti} *doesn't look up, her face buried in her dress, tears staining it*
{Dad} *looks at Julian who looks back protectivly untill Dad smiles at him"
{Rintaran} "Come on Harmonia. Everythings allright."
{Rintaran} /me puts one arm around her shoulder as he comforts her.
{Dad} *goes to the other side of Hathor*
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm.......sorry......"
{Dad} "we can discuss it later, lets get you home and out of that dirty dress and into something more comfortable"
{DestinyScarlatti} *stands up shaky at first, tears streaming down her face*
{Rintaran} "Come on. I've already explained what I could. I've never been a very good liar... "
{DestinyScarlatti} "you hate me....now, don't you?"
{Rintaran} "Never. I could never hate you."
{DestinyScarlatti} "daddy???....you hate me....don't you....you and mom?"
{Dad} "never" *gives her a little peck on the forehead*
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles lightly, and turns around and goes to julian slowly, and hugs him*
{DestinyScarlatti} "thank you....."
{Julian} *cracks a BIG smile*
{Julian} *in a whisper so only she could hear* "i knew you would make the right decision"
{DestinyScarlatti} *walks away from julian and stumbles, pratically falling into hathor*
{Rintaran} /me catches her.
{Rintaran} "Let me help you back to my place."
{Rintaran} /me looks back at Julian.
{Rintaran} "Thanks Julian."
{Julian} "dont mention it"
{DestinyScarlatti} *wipes the tears from her face, but also manages to smear dirt across her face*
{Dad} "lets go home"
{DestinyScarlatti} "can we please....darling....?"
{Rintaran} /me begins leading the way home.
{Rintaran} "They know Harmonia, they know we aren't married."
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks down*
{DestinyScarlatti} "i know...."
{Rintaran} "Don't worry, everything will be fine. You'll see."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i trust you"
{Mom} * runs for the door as soon as she hears the handly turning*
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks up at hathor* "i'm almost scared....."
{Rintaran} /me smiles comfortingly.
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks up and at her mom, the dirt still smeared across her tear-stained face*
{Mom} "o dear look at you.... come, lets get you cleaned up..." leads her away to the back of the house to try and find a wash basin of some kind
[End of Session 5]
» Transcript of Session 4
[Should be dated June 12th, 2004, 11:59pm]

{Fallwind} your journy back to Meridiana took 4 full days, the morning after your escape you saw a large coloumn of black smoke raising from where the lighs were the night before, conferming your suspicion that it was a fire
{Fallwind} the trip itself was uneventfull so we will just start with when you arrived at the cities edge...
{Fallwind} you come in from the east, The hill top is farily undamaged but you can see that the docks area is compleatly destroied and the waterfront was ravaged by fire. There is an errie quite over the city and you see very, very few people around
{Fallwind} the first person to notice you is a (very) young officer, someone you havent seen before. he must have been recruited while you were away. His unifor is about 4 sizes to large and he has kind of a shocked look on his face.
{Cartinis} "Delresseck? Candelori? Milika? youre alive?!? man, Cheif Andrick is going to have your head on a pike for deserting your post durring the attack, what were you thinking coming back here?" the kid has almost a look of fear in his eyes
{DestinyScarlatti} "attack??? what attack?"
{Rintaran} "We didn't desert, we were taken. By some nutty cult out past Carter Lake."
{Cartinis} "What attack? do you think the docks just fell down on their own? some whacky mecerinaries came thru here 4 days ago and tore the place apart"
{Rintaran} Well that settles it then. We've been gone atleast five days.
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm so confused!"
{Rintaran} "Of course, I guess that means we don't have to worry about that drug lab by the docks anymore. How many died during this 'attack'?"
{Cartinis} "Most of the city guard was wiped out before we knew we were under attack, they passed thru the Hill Top and Waterfront without any trouble but took the docks off the map. When we showed up they were starting to move back toward the west. we tried to stop them but they just cut right thru us without cracking a sweat. Almost half the force went down. Andrick... sory, Chief Andrick is still at the hospital with a broken arm"
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh....perhaps it would be best to see him now, he hasn't much of a chance to strangle us with one arm"
{Rintaran} "Fuck. Who's running the show while the Chief's off his feet?"
{Cartinis} "Sapranna" (she was your immediate supperior... about 5 rungs down on the chain of command)
{DestinyScarlatti} "Sapranna......?"
{Rintaran} "Shit. Do me a favour kid. Kill me now. If you don't Sapranna most certainly will."
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah....my thoughts exactly"
{Rintaran} "She's still upset at me about that whole exploding candle thing at her last birthday. What's she got on you?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i just hate the woman....for some stuff she did to me awhile ago....let's leave it at that"
{Milika} "Man, for her to be incharge most of the brass must have fallen. hay kid, did all the higher officers buy it, or are the injured like the Cheif?"
{Cartinis} "Most ya... i think Constable Cortane will be releaced tomorrow or the next day. he wil take charge when he is fit to come back to duty... we are really under-maned right now"
{Rintaran} "What's your name kid?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *runs her hands through her hair, frustrated* "shit....maybe we should have stayed at the compound..."
{Cartinis} "Cartinis sir"
{Rintaran} "Well Cartinis, you better tell me if HQ is still in one piece, or direct us to the temp. We'd best check in. I'm more than willing to be we can shine some light on those mercs."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i still don't like it one bit here...."
{Cartinis} "HQ is still up sir, they didnt have any interest in anything outside the docks"
{DestinyScarlatti} "thank you Cartinis"
{Rintaran} "That confirms my suspicions. The mercs were sent by the leader of the cult that captured us. They came to destroy the mind control drugs that they believe a rival faction was creating to use against them. We witness a group of badly injured people returning when we were captured.
{DestinyScarlatti} "Hathor....i'm almost beginning to beleive what this 'leader' told us....please slap me to bring me back to my senses"
{Milika} "can i?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't care, someone!"
{Milika} *SLAP*
{Rintaran} "Its all being orchestrated by him. He wants his recruits for his dream of world domination. Best not to take too much of what he said to be truth."
{DestinyScarlatti} *rubs her cheek lightly* "thank you Milika"
{Milika} *makes an overly courtius bow*
{Rintaran} "Well, I guess we better check in at HQ. Unless you, Catinis, can see a better place for us to be heading?"
{Cartinis} "Well sirs.. mame, i have to keep going, if im late for patrol ill get my pay docked"
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok....well, at least i am back to my senses..."
{Rintaran} "Watch yourself."
{DestinyScarlatti} "be careful young Cartinis"
{Rintaran} /me looks at his companions.
{DestinyScarlatti} *is still rubbing her cheek*
{Milika} "cant be coincidence"
{Rintaran} "Time to bite the bullet and hope Sapranna believes us."
{DestinyScarlatti} *laughs dryly* "that would be playing with out lives..."
{DestinyScarlatti} *our
{Fallwind} on your way to HQ you pass very few people, those who you do seem to be shell shocked... cleaning their houses or whatnot
{Fallwind} When you get to HQ you find it vertually deserted, at first you arnt even sure anyone is there.
{DestinyScarlatti} *chants in a small whisper to herslef* "please let her not recongize me...."
{Rintaran} "Hello? Sapranna?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "she's not there! let's go!"
{Sapranna} "Back here"
{DestinyScarlatti} *curses under her breath*
{Rintaran} /me gulps, then heads over.
{DestinyScarlatti} *walks behind hathor, still chanting*
{Fallwind} you hear her voice coming from one of the back offices... her old office infact. she never moved to the Cheifs
{Sapranna} "the door aint locked...." she sticks her head out "GET IN HERE YOU!!! NOW!"
{DestinyScarlatti} *walks timidly behind hathor, still chanting*
{Rintaran} /me being two feet away by this point, Hathor cleans out his ears then enters the office.
{Sapranna} she sits calmly down behind her desk but you can almost feel the rage in the room, "would you three kindly explain your absence from the interseption line?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "damnit...she saw me!"
{Rintaran} "It's a long story, and will probably be difficult to believe. But it does have relevance."
{Rintaran} /me starts off tentatively.
{Sapranna} *crosses her arms*
{Fallwind} Im not going to ask you to type everything out if you dont want to
{DestinyScarlatti} (woah....bleach affixiation....)
{Rintaran} "Well, atleast five days ago, I say atleast because I'm not certain how long we were out, Harmonia and I were investigating the sudden silence at the docks. We followed a zombie-minded worker to a warehouse that appeared to be manufacturing some kind of drugs. Then, we were knocked unconcious and moved to a secret compound about a day past Carter Lake. While there, the cult attempted to indoctrinate us into being their spies against a rival faction. Before we managed to escape, a large party of warriors arrived badly wounded. It has been a long 4 day journey back. We saw the fires from Carter Lake and rushed as fast as we could. We're anxious to do what we can to help."
{Fallwind} gah, long
{Sapranna} "do you have anything to back this up??" you can tell she doesnt buy a word of it and has most likley made up her mind 4 days ago
{Rintaran} "Milika, do you still have that note?"
{Milika} *digs in his pockets and pulls out Johnson's bloody note* "here" *hands it to Sapranna*
{DestinyScarlatti} "well, at least she isn't asking me or acknowleding me"
{Sapranna} *looks at it* "... this proves nothing"
{Sapranna} *crumples it up and throws it over her sholder*
{Rintaran} "Niether does wild accusations."
{DestinyScarlatti} "what about the....splint?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "would that prove anything?"
{Rintaran} "Nope. That rune has long faded."
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah...but i thought we might have kept it...on the off chance"
{Sapranna} "Splint?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i sprained my ankle..."
{Sapranna} "why am i not supprised... runing away ill bet?"
{Rintaran} "While we were held captive by the cultists"
{DestinyScarlatti} "not running away, i'm a little more brave than someone else behind the desk"
{Rintaran} /me elbows Harmonia and shakes his head.
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't care, you expect me to be all nice to her because why? what has she does that merits our respect?"
{Rintaran} "She's our CO. That's enough."
{Rintaran} /me whispers "in her presence atleast"
{DestinyScarlatti} *mumbles under her breath, glaring at sapranna*
{Sapranna} *she bolts to her feet and slams her hands on the desk* "NOW LOOK HERE!! the only reason im behind this desk is because im the onlyone left with any kind of command experiance, if you were capable or qualified for the job i would hand it over in a flash. as it is im only here untll someone better comes around then im back out there actually trying to help people unsted of running off and making some half ass storry"
{DestinyScarlatti} "who said we ran off?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "but if the only thing you have are accusations i think our business here is done"
{Sapranna} "I did"
{Rintaran} "Look, we can lead you to the compound if you want. But I really think it'd be much more advantageous for us to work together her."
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets up and slams the door behind her*
{Sapranna} "Get back here, im not done yet"
{Rintaran} /me closes his eyes and curses silently.
{Sapranna} ...gives her about 5 seconds to come back in
{DestinyScarlatti} *continues walking out of headquarters*
{Fallwind} im guessing your not going to?
{Rintaran} (Hathor's got a bit of a cooler temper.)
{Sapranna} "Very well... Hathor, inform your partner that she has been suspended without pay untill further notice for disobaying a superior officer"
{Rintaran} "Somehow, I don't think she'll mind."
{Sapranna} "somehow i think youre right. the force doesnt need hot heads like her"
{Sapranna} "As much as i would like to throw all three of you out on your ass, we are just too damn short on warm bodies. unless you can come up with something better then a note to prove this 'story' you will be fined 2 weeks pay and there will be a perminant mark on your record"
{Sapranna} "unless you want to say something that will force me to bust you out too?
{Milika} *snaps to atention* "No mame!"
{Rintaran} "As I said, we can show you the compound and verify our story that way. But I really believe we'd be of better use here. Just tell me what you want us to do, and we'll see to it the best we're able."
{Sapranna} "Get out there and see if you can keep the looting down in the Docks... some people think that just cause the doors missing everything inside is free"
{Sapranna} "Dismissed"
{Rintaran} "Yes ma'am."
{Rintaran} /me salutes and leaves, hoping to find his partner before going to his new assignment.
{Sapranna} *mumbles something about damn paper work and "where the bloody hell is the form for a suspension?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *is long gone*
{Rintaran} "Top drawer in the filing cabinet next to the Chief's desk."
{Milika} *follows Hathor out as silently as he could
{Rintaran} /me is now outside.
{Fallwind} She continues looking around her desk, either she is pretending no to hear you or just too stuborn to acknowledge youre apt to be right
{Rintaran} "Milika, you wouldn't happen to see Harmonia by any chance?"
{Milika} *once you exit the building Milika finally talks* "oh jeeze, Harmonia has really done it this time, the only person who can override that suspension order is the Cheif himself... thats assuming he even wants to, or she wants to come back"
{Fallwind} (heh, i think this is the first time i have ever heard of a char changing carriers)
{Rintaran} "When the Chief finds out that she's personally responsible for forcing those mercs to come to justice, that'll be all the convincing he needs."
{DestinyScarlatti} *creeps up behind the two* "so how well did that go?"
{Milika} "how do you plan on pulling that one off"
{Rintaran} /me jumps
{Rintaran} "Well, you're suspended without pay..."
{Milika} /me doesnt... he figgured you would be slinking around somewhere
{DestinyScarlatti} "for how long...?"
{Milika} "most likely to get fired too as soon as the constable comes back and Sap can convince him to sign the forms she cant"
{Milika} "indefinatly"
{DestinyScarlatti} *laughs*
{Milika} "whats so funny? your about to get fired, possable charged with insabordination, they will flog you for that you know"
{DestinyScarlatti} "if they catch me that is"
{Rintaran} "So you're planning on leaving then?"
{Milika} "where will you go?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "well, more or less by time until tomorrow when my parents are coming...."
{DestinyScarlatti} *buy some time
{DestinyScarlatti} *rolls her eyes*
{Milika} "and go with them?" *confused*
{Rintaran} "You aren't planning on the stiff are you?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "if needs be, yes i shall go with them....i don't want to, but it's one of the few options i have available"
{Milika} you could stay here, try to clear your name
{Rintaran} "The other option is to redeem yourself by discovering who the mercs were and leading a force against them."
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah....with sapranna there, i'm surprised she didn't fire me on the spot"
{DestinyScarlatti} "but she still won't take back the suspension"
{Rintaran} "She can't. She's not ranked high enough."
{DestinyScarlatti} "she'll fight people revoking it..."
{Rintaran} "She won't fight the chief."
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh, she would....and she could...she uses fore-play as of means to getting what she wants"
{Milika} she isnt that whicked
{Rintaran} "And she wouldn't with the Chief."
{DestinyScarlatti} "then explain how that position is filled with her...i was up for it...and all of a sudden she gets put with it...explain that"
{Rintaran} "She did the one that sits above her. She'd never do the Chief. He's her uncle you know."
{DestinyScarlatti} "she has other means of obtaining what she wants..."
{Milika} "but if you bring back the Leader in manicles she wont have any choice but to step back... heck you may even get her fired for this"
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh, that's not what i want...i just want her to taste defeat...like she made me, in the most humiliating of ways..."
{Rintaran} "No, the only way we can get her fired is if we catch her in cahoots with the Leader."
{DestinyScarlatti} "well, you should be getting on toward your next assignment..i'm gonna be doing some packing..."
{Milika} "to hell with the assignment. we arnt going to let you take this, are we?"
{Rintaran} "Don't. Come to the docks with us. We need some clues and even though you're suspended, its best to clear your name."
{DestinyScarlatti} "fine fine, my house is on the way to the docks anyway"
{DestinyScarlatti} "can i at least take my few things...that i couldn't go without?"
{Milika} *thinks.... 'well, it was 5 days ago'*
{DestinyScarlatti} "SHIT! i forgot!"
{DestinyScarlatti} "uh oh...not good.... dear god...."
{Rintaran} "We were gone atleast 5 days. The attack was 3 or 4 days ago..."
{Milika} what?
{Rintaran} "What'd you forget?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "rent.....was due, the day we got captured...he doesn't like it even being a day late..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "bah, i'll just pack the few things and out of there"
{Rintaran} "You can't run forever"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm not going to run"
{Rintaran} "You also don't have to surrender"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm gonna take the stuff out, and help you guys out"
{Milika} "and put it.... where?
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't have much, i can fit it easily in my pack"
{Milika} "and youve lived here how long? i have so much crap that i doubt i could get it all in one wagon"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i haven't been here that long..."
{Rintaran} "Only eight or nine years right?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "plus i limit myself on what i buy"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i thought it was 5...but i think you are right..."
{Milika} wow, you really need to learn how to live a little
{Rintaran} "Tell you what, we'll drop your stuff off at my place. It'll work better when we have to deal with your parents."
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh look, there's my house"
{DestinyScarlatti} *points to a small little place*
{Fallwind} Your house is still standing though the building next to it had burned to the ground... from the looks lof things your house has had some minor fire damage and there are some broken windows
{Rintaran} "And a lovely eviction notice posted on the door."
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "well, broken windows, makes it easier than to have to dig out my key"
{DestinyScarlatti} "that probally wouldn't work anyway..."
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes to one of the broken windows and takes glass pieces out*
{Rintaran} /me looks in through the broken window
{Fallwind} you see a VERY spartin room.. table, one chair, one plate, one cup, one fork..... etc....
{DestinyScarlatti} this definetly looks like how i left it last time"
{Fallwind} *looks in" "roomy"
{Rintaran} "My question is, where have you been hiding your pay?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "hiding it....?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles* "come in, and i'll show you"
{Rintaran} /me hauls himself through a window.
{Milika} folows her in
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes through the window, careful not to hit glass*
{DestinyScarlatti} ok, in the kitchen i have stuff hidden everyplace"
{DestinyScarlatti} *knocks on one of the floorboards, and pulls itself up, taking a medium sized bag of coins out*
{Rintaran} "Like a gold in the cup? Two under the plate? and three in the bowl?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "nope, not there hathor"
{DestinyScarlatti} *holds up the bag of coins so he can see*
{Rintaran} "A regular spendthrift you are."
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles and laughs*
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok....let's see...i have some stuff in the closet...."
{DestinyScarlatti} "ah ha"
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets to the closet, and tries to open it* "great....it's sticking again!"
{DestinyScarlatti} "would any of you like to help me try and open it?"
{Rintaran} /me shrugs and lends his aid
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok, we just need to open the door, sound simple enough?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *twists the handle of the closet and pulls with all her strength*
{Rintaran} "Stand aside. I need something to hold onto for this."
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok..."
{DestinyScarlatti} *steps aside*
{Milika} "need a hand?"
{Rintaran} /me reaches for the handle, holds it twisted, braces one foot against the wall, and pulls while pushing against the wall with his foot.
Rintaran rolled a 19 with a d20
{Rintaran} +1 = 20. Str Check.
{Fallwind} the door cracks and swings open, you see the the latch holding it closed is now bent at a 90 degree angle and it will never close right again
{Rintaran} "Oh well. You aren't living here anymore anyways."
{DestinyScarlatti} *laughs* well, good thing i didn't plan on staying here...."
{DestinyScarlatti} *searches through the dresses, and takes out a simple blue, and then a simple white one*
{Milika} we should have just had you do that back at the compound
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah"
{Rintaran} /me pulls a sack out of his backpack.
{DestinyScarlatti} oh, i have one..."
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes out the pack from the closet that's on the floor*
{Rintaran} "Just shove them all in here. We'll stop off at my place and drop them off. You can sort them later."
{DestinyScarlatti} "the other dresses aren't mine....they are like 5 sizes too big for me"
{Rintaran} /me gives her a funny look of incomprehension
{Milika} " you sure :P"
{DestinyScarlatti} "they were here before i started renting the place out"
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes out one of the dresses and holds it against her* "and not to mention, i'm not THAT short"
{Rintaran} "Actually, to be quite honest, I'm surprised you even own dresses. I was expecting pants."
{DestinyScarlatti} "pants....they are in the pack already"
{Rintaran} "Well, is there anything else?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "nothing that i can think of"
{DestinyScarlatti} *puts the small bag of money in her pack, and lays the dresses out nice in it*
{DestinyScarlatti} "let's go"
{Rintaran} "To my place right? Or would you prefer to get straight to work?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't care"
{Milika} can we use the door this time? last thing we need is to have the public seeing 3 poliece officers leaving a house with a full pack
{Milika} thru the window
{Rintaran} /me laughs
{DestinyScarlatti} *laughs* "yeah we can go through the door"
{Rintaran} "Just think. Our assignment is to STOP looters"
{Milika} hehe
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes to the door, and opens it easily*
{Rintaran} "We can head on over to my place. You can drop off your stuff. It may be a bit of a shock to you in comparison to this place. I know how to spend my money."
{DestinyScarlatti} *laughs*
{Milika} ill bet you do, to bad they wont stay longer then one night *gives hathor a poke in the ribs*
{Rintaran} /me laughs
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks shocked and appalled*
{Rintaran} "I think you're confusing me for someone else."
{DestinyScarlatti} *is unable to say anything*
{Rintaran} "Harmonia, I assure you. Only two people have ever stayed over at my place: my mother and my father."
{Milika} *looks at Harmonia* "ah dont look so shocked, just a little jokeing*
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok....good"
{DestinyScarlatti} *breaths in a sigh of relief*
{Rintaran} /me begins heading towards his place, to a somewhat larger, tidy, well-kept home that may have come straight out of an issue of Modern Living Magazine (appropriate to the era of course).
{DestinyScarlatti} "wow....."
{Fallwind} hehe
{DestinyScarlatti} *runs her hands through her hair, nervously*
{Milika} "i dont think i have ever seen so much usless stuff in my life... i want some"
{Rintaran} /me laughs.
{Rintaran} "Chock it all down to family heirlooms, frugal spending, and a half-decent legacy left by my parents on their passing."
{DestinyScarlatti} "mine was on my own...."
{Rintaran} "Two bedrooms, full kitchen and dining room, a proper lounge for entertaining. It's all someone with my level of intelligence can hope for, minus only one thing."
{Milika} and that would be?
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah...what would that be?"
{Rintaran} "A family to share it with."
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh...."
{Rintaran} "Yeah, well...", Hathor clears his throat, "You can put your stuff in the spare room. First door on the left. It's the one with the queen-size bed. The king-size is in my room."
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks to the ground* "i'm sorry about your mum and dad...."
{Rintaran} "That's not the type of family I was referring to. But thanks anyways."
{DestinyScarlatti} "first door on the left....? thanks" *smiles*
{Rintaran} "Anyone care for a warm beer? I think I've some left in the kitchen."
{Rintaran} /me saunters over towards the kitchen.
{DestinyScarlatti} *starts going, looking for the door, and goes in, and is taken completely off guard*
{Milika} "ping? ill have one thanks"
{DestinyScarlatti} "HOLY MOTHER OF MARY......."
{Rintaran} /me hauls out a trio of beers from under a counter/
{Rintaran} "I see you found the room. There's a magnificent walk-in closet in there. I just use it for a bit of storage at the moment, but one day..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "that's one HUGE bed!"
{Milika} says to Hathor "ill bet the door works too :)
{Rintaran} "The one in my room is larger."
{DestinyScarlatti} "that's huge!"
{Rintaran} /me chuckles
{DestinyScarlatti} *continues to stand in the doorway, almost too scared to walk in*
{Rintaran} "Go ahead. There's nothing in there that can hurt you. Unless you suddenly decide you can fly again."
{DestinyScarlatti} *laughs*
{DestinyScarlatti} "but still....this room is huge!"
{Rintaran} /me hands Milika a beer and takes a swig of his own.
{Milika} thanks
{Rintaran} /me walks over to Harmonia and presents the beer.
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles* "thanks"
{Rintaran} "I was actually thinking of extending that wall another three feet and putting up some angled windows. It has a southern facing and I think the sun coming in through those windows would be absolutely perfect."
{DestinyScarlatti} *inches in the room, and leaves it at the side of the room, quickly walking out*
{DestinyScarlatti} *leaves her bag*
{Milika} that would be nice
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes back to where Milika is and sits down on the floor, taking small sips of the beer*
{Rintaran} /me looks at her like she's acting strange.
{Milika} why are you on the floor?
{DestinyScarlatti} "what did i do now?"
{Rintaran} "Why don't you sit on the chesterfield? It can take it."
{DestinyScarlatti} "but....i....oh never mind!"
{Rintaran} "Or maybe one of the stools would be more to your preference?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets up and sits on the chesterfield*
{Rintaran} "Imported Leather. My Great-grandfather brought it from out east."
{DestinyScarlatti} "......"
{DestinyScarlatti} "wow....this is comfortable..."
{Rintaran} /me sits in a nearby armchair, leaving another open for Milika
{Milika} /takes it
{Milika} "um... you do realize we are going to get our heads nailed for drinking on the job right?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *continues to take small sips from the beer* "not i.... i'm suspended"
{Rintaran} "Only if we're caught. We're assigned to bust the heads of anyone doing looting. I'd rather be drunk when I do it. That way, I might not remember."
{DestinyScarlatti} "good idea"
{Milika} meh.... *takes a swig*
{Rintaran} "This sort of grunt work doesn't sit well with me. But orders are orders."
{DestinyScarlatti} *finishes off the beer, finally*
{Milika} *takes the last swig of his*
{Rintaran} /me puts his empty bottle on the oak coffee table.
{Milika} well, shall we head to the docks?
{DestinyScarlatti} *keeps hers in her hands, her eyes barely open*
{Milika} "dont tell me we broke her on one beer?"
{Rintaran} "Falling asleep there Harmonia? You should have a few hours left in you at the very least."
{DestinyScarlatti} (she doesn't weigh much...she's only 120)
{Milika} should we put her in bed and go off ourselfs?
{DestinyScarlatti} *opens her eyes* "no no i'll be fine, i'll come with"
{Rintaran} "Are you sure? You look about ready to drop."
{Milika} alrighty, lets get going
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets up, and staggers for a moment, and walks semi in a straight line*
{Rintaran} "Note to self, no beer for Harmonia."
{Milika} ya, next time we give her wiskey.... what?
{DestinyScarlatti} "WOAH!"
{DestinyScarlatti} *catches herself before she falls*
{Milika} youre sloshed
{Rintaran} "That's it. You're not going anywhere but to bed."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'll be fine, gimme an hour...i'll be fine"
{Rintaran} "Sure we'll give you an hour. Just lie down in the big comfy bed, and we'll return then."
{Milika} we cant stay here for an hour, Sapranna will know
{DestinyScarlatti} "no, i'm coming with you guys! i'm not going to bed...."
{Rintaran} /me casts sleep on her.
{Rintaran} (Will save vs DC 14)
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 10 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 10+3 = 13
{Rintaran} /me reaches out with hope to catch her.
{DestinyScarlatti} /me falls backward, out
{Milika} was that nessisary?
{Rintaran} "If I didn't do it, she would have passed out anyways, and we may not have been in a safe place."
{Rintaran} "Help me get her into the bed."
{Milika} true, how long will she be out?
{Rintaran} "The spell only lasts a few minutes, but with her low alcohol tolerance and aptitude for narcolepsy, she could be out for hours."
{Milika} groovy
{DestinyScarlatti} *stirs slightly, still out*
{Rintaran} /me puts her in the bed, under the covers.
{Milika} what are we going to do with her? we cant let that old battle axe down at HQ toss her out for this?
{Rintaran} "No, we can't. We go down to the dock and see if we can find any physical clues about our mercs. We can 'attempt' to stop looters at the same time."
{Milika} works for mee
{Rintaran} /me scribbles down a note for Harmonia and leaves it on the counter for when she wakes.
{Milika} come on, lets get going
{Rintaran} /me locks the door after Milika follows him out.
{Fallwind} you two make your way to the docks area, it isnt far. the day is starting to get old and the sun is starting to head toward the west (its about 5:00), the docks are alot more busy then the rest of town, poeple are mving around cleaning up the rubble. there isnt a single undamage building, all show sighns of fire and blast damage
{Rintaran} "Shit. With all this cleanup, it'll be difficult finding any clues."
{Fallwind} "maybe... or maybe they have put everything in one pile for us.. where were you before you were nabed?
{Rintaran} "We had just entered a warehouse. I think it might have been that one over there."
{Fallwind} you make your way over to to the warehouse only to find the the only thing left was the wall you were looking at, the other walls and roof had collapsed in the battle
{Rintaran} "Well. I guess that kinda takes care of any clues we might have dug up."
{Milika} dont bet on it.... *rolles up his sleves and starts moving rocks*
{Rintaran} /me joins in, hoping, but not expecting much. His breathing is shallow, in case any of the drugs remain in a powder form.
{Fallwind} Harmonia... roll a d100
{Fallwind} dc75 to wake up
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 88 with a d100
{Fallwind} you wake up.. you are still groggy and maybe a little buzed but you start to feel refresed as thou you had a full nights sleep
{DestinyScarlatti} *streches, and looks around, wondering where she is*
{Fallwind} you seem to be in the large bed in the room you put your things, on the night stand beside you is a note
{DestinyScarlatti} "a note...for me, here? well, let's read it, it can't hurt"
{DestinyScarlatti} *picks up the note and starts to read it*
{Rintaran} "Harmonia, it seems that you were far more tired than you anticipated. It was all Milika and I could do to keep you from hitting your head on the floor when you slumped unconscious. Rest awhile, we shall return soon enough. If you must leave, you may join us on the docks. - Hathor
{DestinyScarlatti} "ah, ok...so the docks eh?
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets out of the bed, and goes for the front door and then stops thinking twice about it, then goes out the door*
{Fallwind} the sun has moved a fair bit westward, it is just above the weastern horizon, you imagine the time to be cloes to 7:00
{DestinyScarlatti} *starts running toward the docks, in hopes of finding hathor and Milika*
Rintaran rolled a 13 with a d20
{Rintaran} +2=15
{Fallwind} Hathor and Milika have been digging thru the rubble for 2 hours now. by this point they are quite dirty. from time to time someone would come and give them a hand. they have manged to clear an area about 10ft square by the door so far finding little more then broken glass and a body of one of the workers
{DestinyScarlatti} hathor! Milika! hello!
{Milika} Ah youre awake
{DestinyScarlatti} "that sleep was amazing!"
{Rintaran} "You certainly seem better for it."
{Milika} must have been the bed *keeps digging*
{DestinyScarlatti} "want some help?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets down on her hands and knees and starts digging*
{Rintaran} "An extra pair of hands is always welcome."
{Milika} "hope you dont mind getting your hands dirty"
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 17 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 17+7 = 25
{Rintaran} "Milika, you want to give me a hand moving this big piece?"
{Milika} "sure"
{Milika} "on three... 1....2... 3... GRRRR"
{Fallwind} rollem
Fallwind rolled a 4 with a d20
{Rintaran} /me tries to lift the heavy piece of rubble.
Rintaran rolled a 6 with a d20
{Fallwind} crap
{Rintaran} +1=7
{DestinyScarlatti} *comes over there and helps
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 9 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 9-1 = 9
{DestinyScarlatti} *8
{Milika} we will need a lever of some kind... is that pipe still around?
{Rintaran} I think I put it on the other side of the door.
{Milika} "no sence breaking our backs" *sets up a rock to use as a fulcrum
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes back to digging through the rubble*
{Rintaran} "Don't we need to get one end under it in order for this to work?"
{Milika} Harmoina and i will lift it a litle, you get ready to shove it under
{Milika} ready?
{DestinyScarlatti} ok
{Rintaran} "Sure."
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 15 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 15-1 = 14 ^^
Fallwind rolled a 19 with a d20
{Rintaran} /me shoves it under as its lifted from the ground.
{Fallwind} we lift the rock clean off the ground :)
{Milika} "that was unexpected"
{Rintaran} "Shit. Move it this way, quickly."
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah...tell me about it"
{Rintaran} /me moves to help keep it up.
{Fallwind} under the rock you see a severd hand gripping a glowing blue vial
{Rintaran} "Hello...
{DestinyScarlatti} "look at that!"
{Milika} lets toss this over there... on 3... 1...2...3... HEAVE"
{Rintaran} /me heaves on 4
{Rintaran} *3
{DestinyScarlatti} *heaves on 3*
{Fallwind} as you move in to get a better look at the hand you notice that there is no blood at the wound and it looks to have been dead for far more then 5 days
{DestinyScarlatti} "wait....this isn't adding up"
{Rintaran} "Either this guy died before we first came in here, or we were gone more than 5 days. We've no idea how long we were out."
{Milika} "could this be a Vahz hand?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "true, but everyone says 5...."
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets down and takes the vial*
{Rintaran} "If that's the case..."
{Milika} any idea what it is?
{Rintaran} I've no clue. If only we knew an alchemist, we could find out.
{Fallwind} the vial itself feels cold to the touch
{DestinyScarlatti} *shivers slightly* "it's slightly cold..."
{Milika} we should get this checked out before taking it to the boss
{Milika} the more we know before tipping our hand the better
{Rintaran} "My thoughts exactly. Though I don't see us taking anything to the boss for quite some time..."
{DestinyScarlatti} *shivers again* "bbbbrrrr....."
{Rintaran} /me pulls out his empty sack from his backpack again.
{Rintaran} "Here."
{Milika} you should wrap that up and put it away, we dont want anyone to see it
{DestinyScarlatti} *lightly puts it in the pack, so as not to break it*'
{Rintaran} "Do you think we should continue looking? Or call it a day?"
{Milika} "well, do we keep digging?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "call it a day"
{Milika} i agree
{Rintaran} "If this turns out to be a mind control drug like the Leader claimed... We may have made an error by leaving... Let us hope we were not wrong."
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah.."
{Milika} "hello... my note?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "let's get back to the house, and i'll make some dinner"
{DestinyScarlatti} "if that's ok?"
{Rintaran} We'll have to see what we can pick up first. Anything left in the house is probably waste by now.
{Milika} "hay, ya, our shift ended over an hour ago"
{Rintaran} "I hope there's still a few stalls open in the market. Otherwise we'll have to settle for tavern food. Blech.
{DestinyScarlatti} "heck no!"
{Milika} blech indeed. lets head over and see whats open on the far side of the waterfront
{DestinyScarlatti} "let's get some food, and i'll make dinner"
{Rintaran} /me begins headind that way.
{DestinyScarlatti} *follows hathor*
{Milika} follows
{Fallwind} the market is farily empty tho there is a few booths open. Most are selling the cheeper types of pasta and meat dishes with some equally cheep wines
{DestinyScarlatti} "well, let's pick up some pasta...and some meat, i can handle whipping something out"
{Rintaran} /me walks up to a wine dealer
{Rintaran} "Have you any Chardonnay?"
{Storekeep} "um.... yes?"
{Storekeep} "wait...." *looks under the counter* "no"
{Rintaran} "Ah. Well that's too bad."
{Rintaran} /me walks off towards one of the pasta stalls.
{DestinyScarlatti} *walks up to one of the dealers* "what type of meat do you have, and how long has it been here?"
{Storekeep #2} "lady, all our sauces are made with fresh beef"
{DestinyScarlatti} "....well, ok. how much is it?"
{Storekeep #2} Large plate is a gold, small is 8 sliver
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't know which to do...."
{Fallwind} the shop keeper makes circles with his hands indicating the sizes, the large is about 10" the small is about 6
{DestinyScarlatti} "i've never cooked for more than myself....i don't know"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm sorry...."
{Rintaran} /me is unfortunately out of earshot at a pasta stall, picking up 750 grams of spaghettini.
{DestinyScarlatti} *starts fidgeting, thinking, and starts to walk off*
{Rintaran} "Milika, why don't you go and see what the matter is with Harmonia while I finish off this sale."
{Milika} ok, be back
{Rintaran} "Yes, that's right. I said I wanted 705 grams of raw spaghettini."
{Milika} *walks over to Harmonia* "whats up?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i just don't know how much to buy...i've never cooked or bought for myself"
{Milika} then what did you eat?
{DestinyScarlatti} "the small one would usually last me 2 days...but i never ate much..."
{Milika} small what?
{DestinyScarlatti} "the small plate of sauce..."
{Milika} you really need to eat more.. come on, Hathor is spending an exorberant amount of money on some pasta to cook up for us back at his place
{DestinyScarlatti} "i know...but i don't know what one to get...."
{Milika} get the big and any you dont eat you can save for later...
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok...thanks"
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes back to the vendor* "can i have the big one, please?"
{Milika} *continues to walk towards Hathor*
{Milika} "so do we have anything to eat yet?"
{Rintaran} "Yeah. The price of pasta has skyrocketed. Apparently, there's a 'danger fee' on it now."
{Milika} "the hell?"
{Rintaran} "My thoughts exactly. It seem Meridiana is considered a 'dangerous area'."
{Rintaran} "I managed to get him to bring the price down by nearly half the increase, but still..."
{Milika} "too dangerious to make pasta in?"
{Rintaran} "Too dangerous to sell it without risking the merchant's life."
{Milika} "ha, i think ive heard every reason there is to jack up the prices of things but that takes the cake.. we should grab Harmonia and head back to your place to cook it... ill help ya with the dishes"
{DestinyScarlatti} "ummmm excuse me....can i have the large sauce, perhaps?"
{Storekeep #2} decided to come back did ya? ok, one large coming up
{DestinyScarlatti} "thanks"
{Rintaran} "Sounds like a plan."
{Storekeep #2} *the storekeeper takes out a large plate about 10 inches in diamiter and heaps a pile of string pasta on it then gets a ladle and pours on a bunch of red pasta sauce*
{Storekeep #2} "one gold please"
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh....."
{Storekeep #2} *gives you a stirn look*
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks through her pockets and takes out a gold piece*
{DestinyScarlatti} *hands it to the keep* "thank you"
{Storekeep #2} "thanks, come again"
{Rintaran} /me joins Harmonia.
{Rintaran} "Interesting..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "you're telling me...."
{Milika} "shall we keep going before your food gets cold?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh...."
{Milika} *starts walking back to Hathors place*
{Rintaran} /me heads home.
{Fallwind} woops
{DestinyScarlatti} *walks carefully behind them both*
{Rintaran} "Too bad there wasn
{Rintaran} 't a produce stall. Some tomatoes would have been nice."
{Milika} "true, but we can make do"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i can do quite a bit with this"
{DestinyScarlatti} "as long as i can get in my pack, i'll get all my spices i used at home...."
{Rintaran} "So that's where you spent your money. On spices."
{DestinyScarlatti} "no"
{DestinyScarlatti} "the spices came from home...."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i've never used them...."
{Rintaran} "You still had them? After all these years?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "most spices are better if you let them sit a little"
{Milika} true
{Milika} *you make it back to Hathors house without trouble, by this time its quite after sunset and its getting dark*
{Rintaran} /me opens the door. "Best be getting inside."
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes in after, and hurries to the kitchen, and then makes a run for her pack, dumping the contents, taking the spices out*
{Rintaran} /me begins lighting a couple of lanterns, so they can see in the darkness.
{Fallwind} i wondered when you would get home
{Johnson} i wondered when you would get home
{Rintaran} Johnson?
{DestinyScarlatti} *comes out of the room and takes some steps backward, her eyes darting from one end to another*
{Johnson} in the flesh... well most of it anyway *he turns and you see a large wound on the back of his neck*
{Rintaran} "Ouch. You should really have that looked at by a healer."
{Johnson} "Im glad to see you headed my warning Milika, i wasnt sure if you got out in time"
{Johnson} "ill live... for now anyway"
{DestinyScarlatti} *continues walking backward, eventually hitting a wall*
{Johnson} please miss harmonia, i am not here to hurt you. for the first time in years im free to do as i please
{DestinyScarlatti} "but still...."
{Rintaran} "Care for a beer Johnson? There's no reason why we can't be civil... Though I would have preferred you wait outside for my return."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i must be seeing things again" *shakes her head*
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes forward to the kitchen, and starts to mix the spices in with the sauce, and noodles*
{Rintaran} /me puts down the pasta and digs out a trio of beers (for Johnson, Milika and himself) and fills a glass with water (somehow) for Harmonia to drink.
{Johnson} "no Hathor, i would prefer to talk as time is of the essence. As you most likely have guessed it was my squad that attacked your city the day you were back at the coumpound. we were commanded to 'clense' the dock and capture or kill the vahz that was here.... oh yes, that much was true"
{DestinyScarlatti} *ignores the conversation, continuing to make the pasta*
{Rintaran} "I had already surmised that was what the leader had ordered. Though I must admit, you made great time in your return to the compound. It took us four days to hike here, and less than one for you to attack and retreat."
{Johnson} "we are not without our tricks as your lady friend's foot knows well. but that is unimportant" *COUGH* "sorry, were you able to recover anything from the rubble of our attack? i know you were searching for most of the day"
{DestinyScarlatti} "no we did not..."
{Rintaran} "There was little more than rubble. Why? Was there something of importance?"
{Fallwind} oh yes
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 6 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 6+8= 14
Rintaran rolled a 5 with a d20
{Rintaran} +3=8
{Fallwind} you both fail
{Johnson} "please.... we dont have much time"
{DestinyScarlatti} "what does it matter if we did or not?"
{Johnson} *COUGH* (you notice a little blood on the back of his hand) "PLEASE, i need to know, did you find anything"
{Rintaran} Yes, there was a small blue vial.
{DestinyScarlatti} "cold to the touch really"
{Johnson} "please tell me it did glow..."
{Johnson} *didnt
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't think so...."
{Johnson} "can i see it?" *you notice he is getting a little pale*
{DestinyScarlatti} (umm...correct the statement i made about: "no we were not" it's no we did not"
{Rintaran} "I suppose. Harmonia, where did you put it?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "it's in your sack"
{Rintaran} "Really Johnson, what is this all about?"
{DestinyScarlatti} 'i'm curious too"
{Rintaran} /me retrieves the vial.
{Johnson} "controll... tell me, whats better then having a cult fighting another cult?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "ummm.....no cults fighting eachother?"
{Rintaran} "Having them both attacked by a third cult?"
{Rintaran} "Well would you look at that. It does glow."
{Johnson} "no, have one cult attacking itself...." *COUGH* "that damn leader is having us attack our own men, using this " *he takes some'thing' out of his bag, it looks like a betle of some kind tho it has been badly damaged
{Johnson} "that... is a vahz... my vahz to be specific
{DestinyScarlatti} "huh?"
{Rintaran} "Your Vahz?"
{Johnson} "I found an interesting statistic at one of my earlyier battles... we had more casualities then soldiers... whenever we killed a vahz it would seem to change into one of our dead by the end of the battle and i realized the reason why we could never make any head way in our war, we were fighting ourselves!"
{Johnson} they implanted us with one of those.. things... shortly after we signed up... they take controll of you, makes you think your fighting one thing when you are infact fighting another
{DestinyScarlatti} "so it basically brainwashes you?"
{Rintaran} "Like a cerebral parasite"
{Johnson} have you ever heard of a neurophage?
{DestinyScarlatti} "what is that?"
{Rintaran} /me shakes his head.
{Fallwind} nope
{Milika} nope
{Rintaran} /me hands the vial to Johnson.
{Johnson} well, a neurophage is a being that 'eats' emotion... fear, anger and rage are the three most powerfull emotions and also the three easiest to instill... and this" *takes the vial* "is concentrated emotions... condenced into liquid form. this can keep a colony alive for weeks..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "so if we keep their supply away from them....they'll die?"
{Johnson} "if... yes... but that is a large if. That drug lab you said you found was infact an antenna... they construct one in a city, then have either us attack or those montsers you saw... or both to instil fear in the population, rage and anger in us and they harvest if for their masters. I dont know what went wrong here but the delivery never arrived. We have to leave, they will dispatch a squat to pick up the vial any day now if they havnt already"
{Johnson} and they will tear the city apart looking for it
{DestinyScarlatti} "for one vial?!"
{DestinyScarlatti} "that's ludacris!"
{Rintaran} "For the twentieth time today, shit."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm staying right here..."
{Rintaran} "To clear our names, we'll have to be on the front lines this time."
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah, so we'll have to stay..."
{Johnson} "We need to destroy this" *he stands up and raises his hand to smash it against the floor but stumbles to the side insted. he manages to catch himslef on the table. you can now see clearly the large amount of blood that has flowed from the wound on his neck
{DestinyScarlatti} "here let me"
Fallwind rolled a 15 with a d20
{Fallwind} woops, hit it by mistake
{DestinyScarlatti} *walks over to johnson*
{Johnson} *stumbles to the floor
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes the vial, and smashes it against the floor*
{Rintaran} /me rushes to his side
{DestinyScarlatti} "but now, we need to attend to your wounds"
{Rintaran} "Is there nothing else you can tell us?"
{Johnson} "dont let them get you back in there... at all costs stay away from Carter lake... " *coughs up a frigting amout of blood... sorry about the carpit* "no one has ever removed their controller... i dont know if you can help me"
{Rintaran} /me nods solemnly
{Rintaran} "How can we detect the leader?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks to the floor, her face pale*
{Johnson} "its eaiser then you think.... what was the common thing in all the places you heard him?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "vhaz...?"
{Johnson} "exactly... he IS the vahz... they are him..."
{DestinyScarlatti} *is taken aback*
{Rintaran} "So watch for beetles eh? My stomping foot is all primed up. You've done well Johnson. The gods will remember you in the great beyond."
{DestinyScarlatti} *nods her head* "that they will...."
{Johnson} "If its ok with them i would like to stay in the great here for a while longer...."
{Rintaran} "Heh. That'd be my preference too, but it doesn't look to be in the cards."
{DestinyScarlatti} "not really, i'm not an experienced healer...and well, all i can do is try to wrap your wounds...."
{Johnson} "The vahz latch on to the back of the neck... you cant see them while the person is awake, thats why they kept us all on the same sleep schedule... so we wouldnt... see them..'
{Fallwind} roll a heal check if you are going to bind his wounds
{DestinyScarlatti} "so what your plan to do, is use that thing?"
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 12 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 12+1 = 13
{Johnson} ouch, carefull there
{DestinyScarlatti} "sorry...."
{Rintaran} "There's nothing we can do for the internal bleeding though."
{DestinyScarlatti} "true....."
{Milika} (from the front door you hear) "im back.... Johnson, this is adept Fontain, he is a preist at the temple of Cardinia"
{DestinyScarlatti} "last rights?!"
{Milika} "healer! not last rights...."
{Rintaran} "Milika? I didn't even realize you had left. Smart thinking my friend"
{Milika} someone has to do it
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok...." *is still slightly skeptical*
{Fontain} *examins the patient* "this is a deep wound indeed my friend... what maner of weapon did this?"
{Rintaran} "He has not much strength. Heal him and with luck he may be better able to answer your question after."
{Fontain} *holds his hands over the wound and says a few chants... there is a bright blue flash between his hands and the body... and another that lasts a little longer.. the third flash stays for almost three seconds*
{DestinyScarlatti} *inches back a little*
{Fontain} *when the light begins to fade ther is what can be best described as a dark flash... like something was eating the light in the room and the adept pulls backward"
{DestinyScarlatti} "what the........"
{Fontain} "that is the most powerfull spell i know... but there is a dark energy at work on this man, im not sure if i was able to do anything at all... only time will tell"
{DestinyScarlatti} "th----thank you"
{Rintaran} "Thank-you Fontain. To what church should I deliver a donation in the morning? Or should I just give it to you now?"
{Fontain} "i am a servent of the great Cardinia, may the many handed smile on this one"
{Rintaran} "All of us will need his smile soon enough. Everyone that still lives..."
{Milika} *bows his head deeply* "Again i appoligise for disturbing you elder, but as i said it was important"
{Rintaran} "But you shall have your donation in the morning. I believe I may have an old painting of the founder of the local church which may be of some worth as well."
{Fontain} "It is ok child, we are lucky to have one like you in our midst" *he reaches out and touches Milika on the forehead in some kind of ritual*
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes steps away from fontain*
{Fontain} "Thank you sir... but if you dont mind, my wife is waiting for me with my supper" *bows and slowly walks toward the door
{Rintaran} "Of course, of course. Thank-you once again."
{Fontain} *gives a short bow and walks out onto the street*
{DestinyScarlatti} *relaxes once fontain walks out, exhaling a long breath*
{Milika} "what?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "what what?"
{Rintaran} "Still nervous around magic?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "not that..."
{Milika} "you seemed awfully tence when the adept left"
{Rintaran} "Clerics?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "magic i like....churchmen i dislike"
{Milika} "ill have you know Adept Fontain is a great man. he has done more good in this world then most can comprihend"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i beleive you, just personal experience..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "leads me to ther conclusions....but if you don't mind, i must be going back to dinner"
{DestinyScarlatti} *starts back on the sphgetti*
{Rintaran} "What should we do with him?"
{Milika} "well, i would appriciate it if you kept them that way, unless you have reason to believe that a specific cleric isnt what they claim"
{DestinyScarlatti} *ignores his comment as if nothing was said, and finishes the sphgetti*
{Milika} "do you have a spair bed? something you dont mind getting a little bloody, incase Adept Fontain wasnt able to compleatly close the wound"
{DestinyScarlatti} "dinner is done...."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'll just keep it warm until everyone is ready...."
{Rintaran} "I might have an old cot in the walk-in..."
{Milika} "thanks Harmonia"
{Rintaran} /me rushes off to get it.
{Milika} *leans down* "Johnson, you still with us?"
{Johnson} *bearly above a wisper* "Havent got to end of the road yet friend...."
{Rintaran} /me returns with a cot and a good grey woolan blanket. He sets it up against one of the walls.
{Rintaran} Its best we don't move him too far...
{DestinyScarlatti} "want some help?"
{Milika} "Please, Hathor and i will lift him, you keep his head steady with his body so we dont tear the wound"
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok!"
{DestinyScarlatti} *runs over, ready to keep his head in place with his body*
{Milika} "on three... 1....2...3 Lift"
{Rintaran} /me lifts
{DestinyScarlatti} *keeps johnson's head steady*
{Rintaran} /me manouevres the body over towards the cot, and lowers him onto it, in unison with the others.
{Rintaran} /me covers him with the blanket.
{Rintaran} Rest well Johnson. Rest well.
{Milika} there... if he makes it thru the night he will be in the clear
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'll stay up..."
{Milika} we should eat...
{Rintaran} /me is a little more skeptical.
{Rintaran} Yes, we should.
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles and nods* "ummm....where are the plates.....?"
{Rintaran} 2nd shelf of the 2nd cupboard on the left.
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok, thanks"
{Rintaran} I'll grab the forks.
{Rintaran} /me retrieves the silverware from the drawer beneath the window.
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes back into the kitchen, and goes to the cupboard, taking out the plates, and setting them lightly on the counter*
{Milika} "which wine should i get?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "wine.....??"
{Rintaran} "The Red Bourdeaux. 1521. That was a good year."
{DestinyScarlatti} *laughs* "but little did you know...it wasn't made in 1521...."
{DestinyScarlatti} *do you
{Milika} "on it"
{Rintaran} "I've no reason to doubt it."
{DestinyScarlatti} that year...there actually was a horrible drought, nothing would grow for miles around"
{Rintaran} No, that was 1520. 1521 was a wonderful year. 1522 there was flooding and the grapes were soured. It was the only good year of five."
{Milika} "back"
{Rintaran} "Excellent."
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh...." *laughs* challenging my family heritage now, are we?" *smiles*
{Rintaran} /me grabs the crystal.
{DestinyScarlatti} *starts dishing out sphgetti onto the plates and taking one at a time to the table*
{Rintaran} "Its not Italian wine. It was made in nearby Hampstershire."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i had family there...last i knew...."
{Rintaran} "The Melchiorre's?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "their son's name was Dante?"
{Milika} /me starts setting the table
{Rintaran} "Yes, I believe so. This is their wine."
{DestinyScarlatti} "ah..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "haven't had it in ages...."
{Rintaran} /me pours the wine.
{Milika} /me gets the pasta ready
{DestinyScarlatti} "already done my dear friend"
{DestinyScarlatti} "it's on the table"
{DestinyScarlatti} "on plates and everything"
{Milika} ah, then lets get eating... this was quite the day
{Rintaran} /me has a seat and digs into his plate.
{Rintaran} "Couldn't have said it better myself."
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles and sits down, looking at the pasta, eating a little bit of it*
{Rintaran} "Not bad."
{Rintaran} "Good even."
{DestinyScarlatti} *blushes lightly* "glad you think so..."
[End of Session 4]
» Transcript of Session 3
[Again, no backdating. Should be May 29th, 2004. 11:59pm]

{DestinyScarlatti} "but still spying! who do they take us for?"
{The Leader} slaves
{DestinyScarlatti} "shut up~"
{Rintaran} "Look. Their zombified minions aren't going to be of any help, that means we'll need to get our info from the Vhaz themselves. I don't speak Vhazanese. And they'll recognize that I'm not one of them."
{The Leader} the Vahz have hundreds of them... you wont have any trouble getting them to think of you as some of their converted
{DestinyScarlatti} "but still, we are keepers of peace AND LAW!"
{The Leader} actually, i can help you with the first part of your problem. We have developed several types of enchatments that will alow you to understand what the Vahz are saying... they only work one way tho, you will not be able to speek to them unless you spend seveal decades learning the language
{Rintaran} "Somehow, I just don't think that'll be an option"
{The Leader} As for your point dear lady, think of it this way; if we dont stop them from further incrusions into your city there soon wont be anything left for law and order to be kept for
{DestinyScarlatti} .....
{DestinyScarlatti} /me hangs her head "you have a point....unfortunally"
{The Leader} Shazbot... there is some trouble elsewhere i have to attend to.... ask anyone to show you to your rooms if you wish, or you can exercise in the gym if you want.
{Fallwind} you have no idea if The Leader is still there or not
{Rintaran} "Where are our things?"
{Fallwind} no answer
{DestinyScarlatti} "to be truthful i wonder the same thing... i feel so weird without a weapon"
{Milika} maybe in our rooms?
{DestinyScarlatti} "i sure hope so"
{Rintaran} "It's always worth a look. You wouldn't happen to know the way back by any chance?"
{Milika} nope, you want to ask or shall i?
{Milika} i hope our "room" want that pseudo cell they had us in when we woke up
{Milika} *wasnt*
{Rintaran} Who would we ask? We're alone here in this amphitheatre. Unless someone snuck in?
{DestinyScarlatti} /me looks around
{Fallwind} no one is in ther but you
{DestinyScarlatti} "absolutely disasterific!"
{Milika} we might have more luck if we went back to the mess hall
{Milika} or atleast the hall way
{DestinyScarlatti} "now why didn't i think of that"
{Milika} *chuckles and fights back saying something that will warent a wack upside the head*
{DestinyScarlatti} (meanie!)
{Rintaran} "As I asked earlier, anyone remember the route?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "let's just go in the hall, and hitch hike back" *laughs*
{Milika} go out, look for the first person... problem solved?
{Milika} *gets up and walks to the door*
{DestinyScarlatti} *laughs evilly and starts running toward milika and jumps on his shoulders*
{Milika} GAH
{Milika} the hell?
{DestinyScarlatti} *continues laughing*
{Milika} *starts spining to try to get her off*
{Rintaran} "Harmonia! What are you doing?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *is laughing so hard she doesn't answer, hardly able to breath because of it*
{Fallwind} roll a strength check. DC 13
{Fallwind} to hang on
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 12 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} (ouch.... it = 12-1 = 11
{Fallwind} you just bearly lose your grip and fall from Milika, you land square on your bottom but are unhurt
{Milika} what the hell was that for?
{DestinyScarlatti} *is still laughing*
{Milika} *looks to Hathor* "she's lost it!"
{Rintaran} "I hope not. But given the circumstances, I wouldn't be surprised. All her ideas of order have been assaulted, voices are coming out of nowhere, and a prophecy of doom has just been spilt."
{Fallwind} OOC: i assume you are still laughing?
{DestinyScarlatti} (yes)
{DestinyScarlatti} (and i am in real life too... it's funny)
{Milika} *gives Harmonia an open handed slap to snap her out of it*
{Milika} "HAY!"
{DestinyScarlatti} OW!
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets up and slaps him back twice*
{DestinyScarlatti} "that's for slapping me, payback"
{Milika} *rubs his cheak* well atleast shes back to 'normal'
{Milika} "what the hell was that for?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "paybacks!"
{Milika} "no, jumping on my back laughing like a crazy?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "it seemed the fun thing to do"
{DestinyScarlatti} *laughs evilly again*
{Milika} *takes a step back*
{Milika} fun, maybe, smart hell no. We need to get our gear and at the very least find out exactly where we are
{Rintaran} "This is very unlike you Harmonia. What's gotten into you?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "hehehe"
{DestinyScarlatti} *runs to the other side of the ampitheatre and jumps off one of the seats* "i beleive i can fly"
{Fallwind} you cant and fall on your face
{Fallwind} heh
{DestinyScarlatti} (ouch, that's harsh)
{Milika} shes nuts, we have to get her under controlll before she hurts herself
{Milika} *starts running after her* "Hathor, you stay at the door so she cant get out"
{Rintaran} /me blocks the door, hoping he won't have to do anything drastic to subdue his companion.
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets up and starts running*
{Milika} come on now Harmonia, we just want you to calm down and sit for a while
{DestinyScarlatti} "i wanna fly!"
{Milika} "gravity has other plans"
{DestinyScarlatti} "so?"
{Rintaran} /me pulls out the partially eaten bedroll he pocketed earlier.
{Fallwind} OOC: you ate your bedroll?
{DestinyScarlatti} *starts running toward the seats, and jumps off the seats again*
{Rintaran} (Oops. I meant to say breadroll
{Fallwind} you fall, again, and this time you hurt your.....right ankle
{Fallwind} its a mild sprain, but hurts like a prick if you put your full weight on it
{Milika} now youve done it. are you ok?
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets back up* and starts running again*
{Rintaran} /me throws the breadroll at Harmonia, hoping to knock her in the head.
Rintaran rolled a 10 with a d20
{Fallwind} you fall over in pain from your ankle when you step on it
{DestinyScarlatti} owie......
{Milika} are you going to stop now, or keep going untill we have to have you in a splint... if we dont already
{DestinyScarlatti} i stop, i stop
{Milika} *kneels beside her* "let me see that foot"
{Rintaran} /me walks over to his fallen comrade and kneels beside her
{Rintaran} "I'm guessing you really don't want to do this spy thing and that's why you're acting barmy?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "it's not that...."
{Milika} well, looks like its just a sprain, you should be ok in a few days if you dont pull any more stunts like that
{Milika} we should see if there is a healer here
{Rintaran} "Then what is it? Nerves? Being controlled by an extradimensional being? Somehting else?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "just....i don't know..... i think i was venting my frustration...."
{Milika} next time i sugest parctice with your sword... far less painfull
{Rintaran} "I hit pillows and break stuff when I try to vent my frustration, not jump on people's backs and try to fly."
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks to the floor, feeling guilty*
{Milika} come on, lets get you up *offers his arm to help her stand*
{Rintaran} /me does likewise
{Milika} "or are you going to sit on the cold stone all day?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes her hands up, and hauls herself up*
{Rintaran} "You don't want to be putting any weight on that leg. Let me help you."
{Milika} "well, lets see if we can find someone to patch you up..."
{Milika} *helps her to the door*
{DestinyScarlatti} "i won't try to do that...again, i hope....sorry for doing that"
{Milika} "if anyone asks we will just say you triped on the stairs"
{Rintaran} /me chuckles. "No one would believe the truth."
{DestinyScarlatti} "there are no stairs...."
{DestinyScarlatti} "that i know of...."
{Fallwind} there are stairs in the theater from the back down to the stage at the front
{Rintaran} "On the bright side, if they don't have anyone who can heal you by magic, we won't end up as spies for atleast a week."
{Milika} true enough
{DestinyScarlatti} "true"
{Fallwind} as you exit the theater you notice the hall ways are alot quieter then when you went in
{DestinyScarlatti} "where is everyone?"
{Rintaran} "Which way is the mess hall?"
{Milika} right... i think
{Rintaran} "Hold on. Let me see what I can hear. We'll go in the direction of the most noise."
{Rintaran} /me listens, trying to figure out the proper direction by noise.
{Fallwind} roll a listen check
Rintaran rolled a 19 with a d20
{Fallwind} nice
{Rintaran} +3 = 22
{Fallwind} you hear muffled yet urgent voices comming from your left side
{Rintaran} (For the record, the directions coming in were second left, then third right)
{DestinyScarlatti} "what's going on?"
{Rintaran} There's some people talking urgently off to my left. We should head that way.
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok...let's"
{Milika} ok
{Rintaran} /me begins heading that way, helping Harmonia as best as she'll let him
{Fallwind} you come to an intersection, the sound is comming from your left, it is louder now but you still cant make out what is going on
{Fallwind} the choices are straight, right or left
{Rintaran} "All the noise is from the left. We may as well continue that way. Unless anyone has any objections."
{Milika} none here
{DestinyScarlatti} "i have a bad feeling about this, but let's continue"
{Rintaran} "How's your ankle? Is it feeling tight against your boot?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'll be fine"
{Rintaran} /me looks very concerned, but takes her word on it... for now.
{Fallwind} you continue downt the hall towards the voices but at the next hallway your path is blocked by a guard infront of a huge iron door. The door is about 20ft tall and half that wide, the door itself looks like it could weigh as much as a dozen loaded wagons
{DestinyScarlatti} "that's one big door....."
{Fallwind} The guard is a huge man, he would have towered over Sampson. He is clad in a full plate mail armor covered in mystic runes, he is weilding a greatsword that would strike fear into the heart of the oldest dragon
{Rintaran} (Swanson)
{Fallwind} Swanson, Sampson... who ever
{Rintaran} (You had him named after a microwave dinner type thing remember)
{Fallwind} ya
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes in a deep breath slowly, and exhales* "i would hate to make this dude angry...."
{Rintaran} "Excuse me sir. You wouldn't happen to be able to point us in the direction of our rooms, or atleast the mess hall. Or maybe a healer?"
{Guard} Healers are busy, the mess hall is straight behind you, take the 4th right, 2nd left. i do not know where your rooms are.
{Fallwind} just assume those directions are right
{DestinyScarlatti} "thank you sir"
{Guard} you are welcome
{Rintaran} "Just one more question. What're you guarding?"
{Guard} The Last Stand. if you dont know what it is i wont tell you
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "let's go please..."
{Rintaran} "Well then, I guess we'll be off."
{Guard} I take it you dont know... it may be best if you moved along
{Milika} ya..
{Rintaran} /me begins helping Harmonia off towards the mess hall.
{Milika} *head back the way the guard said*
{Milika} "well that was... odd"
{DestinyScarlatti} *is inbetween hathor and mikika, her arm around hathor's shoulder, her other around milkia's*
{DestinyScarlatti} "yes it twas odd"
{Milika} well, no more odd then anything else we've seen mind you
{Rintaran} /me whispers "I'll say. We'll have to find out what in that room. Any cult that calls something 'the last stand' is obviously a threat to law and order"
{DestinyScarlatti} *hits hathor upside the head* "d'uh! i was thinking the same thing, stop stealing my ideas"
{Milika} first things first, lets see if we can atleast find our stuff
{Rintaran} "That little light show their leader showed me only helps convince me that they're up to no good. A creature jumping from world to world assimilating parts of it into itself. That's rediculous."
{DestinyScarlatti} "it is a little far-fetched"
{Milika} "so what do we do? go on this little mission and prove him/it wrong, or just head home asap?"
{Milika} rally the troups and come back here in forcer?
{Rintaran} "I think we each have to make that decision for ourself. I already have a mission, given to us by the chief. I suspect that this cult is responsible for the sudden silence of the family."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i would have to agree with my partner on that"
{Milika} that makes three of us
{Rintaran} "They would need extreme loans to afford weapons for their cultists, or to help build their 'last stand'"
{Rintaran} "It all makes more sense than a bunch of planehopping creatures that rape the land of all resources, who suddenly decided to take slaves, manufacture drugs, and zombify a nation."
{DestinyScarlatti} "it makes much more sense....but OWI!"
{Milika} you ok?
{Rintaran} "You ankle?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "that hurt...."
{Milika} we should atleast stay untll your foot heals, if we have to make a break for it we dont need any injuries
{Rintaran} "That's it. We're not moving another step until we have a look at that ankle of yours. It's probably swelling up inside that boot."
{DestinyScarlatti} "no, no i'll be fine, i promise"
{DestinyScarlatti} (can i try a bluff?)
{Fallwind} roll em
{Rintaran} (go ahead. I'll roll sense motive)
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 9 with a d20
Rintaran rolled a 15 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 9+8= 17
{Rintaran} +4 = 19
Fallwind rolled a 11 with a d20
{Fallwind} you fool Milika, but not Hathor
{Rintaran} (correction +1 = 16 I was reading from my will save by mistake)
{DestinyScarlatti} (yeah!)
{DestinyScarlatti} (i fooled everyone!)
{Fallwind} ok, you fool both
{Rintaran} "Well, as soon as we get to the mess hall we'll have a look at it. No matter how much you assure me otherwise."
{DestinyScarlatti} "see i'm fine" *smiles*
{Milika} we should keep moving
{Rintaran} "Isn't this the fourth right?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i think so..."
{Fallwind} You arrive at the mess hall, the only person there is the cook
{Rintaran} /me turns in that direction
{Rintaran} /me helps Harmonia over to a seat.
{DestinyScarlatti} *sighs* "please... i'll be fine, i really will)
{DestinyScarlatti} *"
{Milika} nope, we are looking at that foot and there will be no arguing
{Rintaran} "Show me your ankle. I'm not asking anything you wouldn't ask me if I had injured my ankle."
{DestinyScarlatti} "fine"
{DestinyScarlatti} *lifts her foot off the ground slightly*
{Fallwind} the laces are bulging and you can clearly see the swelling
{Rintaran} "Shit. Let's get that boot off. Have a seat"
{Rintaran} "Excuse me. Cook? You wouldn't happen to have any cold water, or maybe even ice?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *sits down and sighs*
{Rintaran} /me begins to remove her boot carefully
{Cook} Ice.. heh no... but i have some cold water. ill fatch you some.... WOW is that ankle swolen!
{DestinyScarlatti} "be careful....please!" *winces slightly*
{Fallwind} there is extreme pain as the boot is removed dispite Hathors best efforts
{DestinyScarlatti} "that bloody hurt!"
{Rintaran} "Sorry. But it wouldn't have hurt nearly as much if you had let me look at it in the first place."
{Cook} return with the water in a large pot, large enough to soak your foot in
{Rintaran} (Socks?)
{DestinyScarlatti} (nah)
{Cook} "here, these will help with the pain" he hands you some pale blue barries you have never seen
{Rintaran} /me lowers your foot into the pot so the cold water covers the ankle.
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes the berries, catiously and takes a deep breath as her foot goes in the water*
{DestinyScarlatti} "thanks.."
{Rintaran} "Now you just soak that for a while. Maybe we can bring the swelling down before the healers are free."
{Cook} *waks back to his post without another word*
{Rintaran} /me has a seat beside Harmonia.
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks at the berries* "why not? it's worth a try, right?"
{Milika} i wouldnt
{Milika} goodness only knows what they are
{DestinyScarlatti} "but why would they want to kill us, they have no motive to do so...that i know of?"
{Rintaran} "Go ahead. If you die, we'll be here to kill the cook."
{DestinyScarlatti} "sounds good"
{Milika} heh
{Rintaran} /me chuckles
{DestinyScarlatti} *pops the berries in her mouth and swallows, not bothering to chew them*
{Milika} so..... now what?
{DestinyScarlatti} "i feel fine...."
{Rintaran} "Now we wait. There really aren't any other options, given the circumstances."
{Milika} *sarcasticly* after 5 seconds.... im impressed
{DestinyScarlatti} "as in, fine that i'm not dead!"
{Rintaran} "Poisons can take up to a couple hours to kill."
{Milika} *raises his hands and makes spooky movements* "yet"
{DestinyScarlatti} *shakes her head and rolls her eyes*
{Milika} *chuckles*
{DestinyScarlatti} "smartasses, everyone hates em"
{Rintaran} "Nah. The only people that hate me, are crooks and cultists."
{DestinyScarlatti} "you weren't the smartass i was referring to" *points to milkika*
{Milika} *smiles*
{Rintaran} "Oh, you were referring to the OTHER smartass. My mistake."
{Rintaran} /me chuckles
{DestinyScarlatti} *grins*
{Rintaran} Hey. If we're stuck here a week for your ankle to heal, you won't have to worry about your parents visiting this weekend.
{DestinyScarlatti} "true....but they'll come back...."
{Rintaran} "If they do, we'll just have to put my plan into effect."
{DestinyScarlatti} "if you ever tell me it!"
{Milika} whats this?
{Rintaran} "Her parents are coming up for the weekend. They want to force her to marry some stiff. That's the whole reason why she fled her parents years ago. And I know just the way to keep them from forcing the marriage."
{Milika} ah
{DestinyScarlatti} "and he won't tell me the plan..."
{Rintaran} "I guess I can tell you while we're waiting here."
{DestinyScarlatti} "please do"
{Milika} well... out with it
{Rintaran} "The only way to keep them from forcing you to marry someone is for you to atleast appear to be married right? You already know this."
{Fallwind} At this time you hear many many voices aproaching the mess hall
{DestinyScarlatti} (figures....)
{Fallwind} hay, he can keep talking if he so desiers
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah, come on"
{Fallwind} about 50 soldiers of The Leader come into the mess hall and order some food, some of them look a little hurt
{Rintaran} "It can wait till we can speak in private."
{Rintaran} /me looks over at the soldiers.
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks slightly sad* "ok"
{Fallwind} some of the guards nearby are discussing the battle they just finished against some Vahz, one is particularly proud of how he managed to finish one off
{Rintaran} (I think the inability to get the plan passed on is absolutely perfect.)
{DestinyScarlatti} (so do i)
{The GM} *takes a bow*
{DestinyScarlatti} "hmmmm....could 'the last stand' be a battlefield....?"
{Rintaran} "I doubt it. But there obviously has been a battle."
{Rintaran} /me eavedrops
Rintaran rolled a 8 with a d20
{Rintaran} +3= 11
{DestinyScarlatti} (ouch)
{Random guard} "So you see, i used my upswing to take out the primary claw then took out the second head ont he down swing... since it was out of eyes it was easy to finish it off
{Fallwind} trust me, you pass the check
{DestinyScarlatti} *eavesdrop as well*
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 15 with a d20
{Random guard} the guard is swinging his hands around in the motion wile he is talking
{DestinyScarlatti} (15+ 7 = 22)
{Other Random guard} Johnson you are so full of shit... there is no way you could take off a claw on an upswing, the carapase is all wrong for that
{Fallwind} I did, i swear it
{DestinyScarlatti} "hmmm...intresting...."
{Other Guard} sure ya did
{Johnson} "Look, we got them didnt we?"
{Other Guard} ya, but at the cost of FIVE MEN!
{DestinyScarlatti} (you gave him a name, that can't be good for us)
{Fallwind} all the talk stops
{Other Guard} you all act like this was a victory... well it wasnt.
{Rintaran} "Care to fill us in?"
{Other Guard} You can kill a dozen, a hundred, hell a thousand of those damn thing and it wouldnt matter.. they will be up to full strenght by the time you make it back here in the meen time if they kill one of us it takes months to train someone to fill those boots
{Fallwind} the jovial attitude has been compleatly removed from everyone present
{Rintaran} /me looks a Milika and Harmonia for a moment
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks back at him*
{Other Guard} there is only one vicory.. when we get that damn portal of theirs and shut it down, untill then we are losing every battle we fight because they just bring in more and more fighters while we lose more and more. we are limited they are not
{Other Guard} So light a candle, throw a salute or whatever it is you do to honour your dead, those 5 men bought us maybe one more day of war
{Other Guard} *storms out of the hall without getting anything to eat*
{DestinyScarlatti} *sarcasticaly* "whatever that was....it went well"
{Fallwind} 49 pairs of eyes turn your way
{Fallwind} +1 pair from the cook
{DestinyScarlatti} *sinks down, trying to hide from everyone*
{Johnson} "youre new, you get that one for free... but NO ONE talks about the Leutenent that way a second time. that man is the greatest fighting machene this world has ever seen, he is also the greatest commander you will ever find"
{DestinyScarlatti} *takes in a deep breath of relief*
{Fallwind} Most of the guards are getting their food and eating in silence tho they often throw looks your way that arnt all that friendly compaird to what you have seen so far
{DestinyScarlatti} *whispers* "next time i keep my sarcasm to myself"
{Rintaran} /me whispers "Or atleast just between the two of us"
{Milika} three
{DestinyScarlatti} "point taken"
{Johnson} "Look, you seem like ok folks, just in a little over your head. if you want some good advice, leave while the leavings good. the LT is right, we are losing and when we all buy the big one there will be noghtin to stop those monsters from running right over this measly kingdom. Get out of here, get a boat and sail to the farthest island you can find, they might not get you there where its safe"
{DestinyScarlatti} "well, our problem would be, is we don't even know where we are"
{Rintaran} "Well, that isn't much of an option at the moment. She's gonna be down for a week unless you've something for a sprained ankle."
{Johnson} "MEDIC"
{Fallwind} half a second later one of the guards jumps up from the table and runs over.
{Johnson} Sprained ankle *points to the foot in the pot
{Rintaran} "It's hardly that urgent"
{Fallwind} "yes sir"
{DestinyScarlatti} "wha?"
{Medic} he takes your foot gently out of the water and gets a look at it
{Medic} "hold it up"
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok...."
{Rintaran} "Natural or magical?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *holds foot up*
{Medic} he lets go of you foot and takes off his pack, looks in it and finds some leaves and some binding
{Johnson} little of both
{DestinyScarlatti} "how so?"
{medic} *says some chants over the leaves and they begin to glow a golden colour*
{DestinyScarlatti} "ooohhh....cool!"
{Johnson} best of both worlds my friend
{DestinyScarlatti} "pretty color"
{Medic} Wraps the glowing leavs around your ankle, as they touch your skin it goes compeatly numb
{Rintaran} /me shakes his head at his partner's words
{DestinyScarlatti} hathor! hush~
{Rintaran} "I didn't say anything."
{DestinyScarlatti} "you were going to!"
{Medic} *continues to wrap the leaves up with the binding*
{Rintaran} /me looks all innocent-like
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles at the medic "thanks"
{Medic} *says a few more chats and some light blue runes apear on the binding*
{Medic} "Treated Sir"
{DestinyScarlatti} "woah.... i didn't know magic could be so cool!"
{Medic} *returns to his table*
{DestinyScarlatti} "but thank you...."
{Rintaran} "Is it fully healed, or is some time off the foot required?"
{Johnson} its his job, he neither expects nor requires thanks, its what he does
{DestinyScarlatti} "but he didn't have to.... which is why i thank him"
{Johnson} Some time im afraid, we arnt alowed to crack open the big stuff for civilians
{Rintaran} "Two days? Three?"
{Johnson} when the runs fade you can take off the bindings, by then the leaves will have been compleatly absorbed
{Johnson} Days?!? HA
{Johnson} try a few hours
{DestinyScarlatti} *is speechless by that small fact*
{DestinyScarlatti} "......hours?!"
{Rintaran} /me is not surprised, but was secretly hoping for longer.
{Johnson} *sees the look on her face* "lady there are wonders in the world you cant even imagine, those leaves are but mere trinkets compaired to what we use in the field"
{DestinyScarlatti} "......"
{Johnson} if you are impressed by that it is even more evidence you are out of your league... honestly i have no idea why the old man brought you here
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm sorry, i've never seen magic used...."
{Rintaran} "His reasoning was flawed."
{Johnson} It often is
{Fallwind} He wanted us to spy on the Vahz for him
{Fallwind} OOC that was Milika
{DestinyScarlatti} "milika....can you ever be quite?"
{Johnson} You cant spy on the Vahz... they dont work like we do
{DestinyScarlatti} "how do you know?"
{Rintaran} We had our own list of reasons why it wasn't possible!
{Johnson} Spying implies they have a logic behind what they are doing... the only logic the Vahz have is instict, to kill, to steal and to poison anything they cant do the first 2 to
{Rintaran} "Your leader seems to believe they're doing things differently on this world."
{Johnson} Well ive been to the other planes and it all seems the same to me, but then again i dont get told much. you cant reveal what you dont know
{Johnson} we go in, we kill as many as we can, we get out with asmany of our numbers as we can
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks down at the leaves, still amazed at the blue runes and the golden color*
{Fallwind} you notice the blue colour isnt as vibrant as it was before
{DestinyScarlatti} "this is just cool.....i want to learn"
{Rintaran} "Say, Johnson was it? You wouldn't happen to know where they put our stuff? Like our weapons and my spell components?"
{Johnson} "It would be in your rooms, just follow the main hall to the dorms. all the rooms have 20 people in it, first are the womens then the mens. all of them in alphabetical order by last name
{Fallwind} Woot X2
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok, so i'm somewhere in the beginning"
{Fallwind} "whats your last name?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "but i really want to learn this magic...."
{DestinyScarlatti} "candelori"
{Johnson} "C eh.... that should be the 4th room or so"
{Rintaran} "What of Delresseck?"
{Johnson} Lady, you cant learn that magic... it takes a high level of inate magic knowledge to be able to pic that up
{DestinyScarlatti} "i could try!"
{Rintaran} "And not of the type I'm capable of."
{Johnson} "D... start looking about room 10 or so"
{Johnson} "No lady, you cant"
{Milika} "What about Zarwarski?"
{Fallwind} *gives him a side long glance* "Oh i dont know... maybe the LAST one?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i can't do this, i can't do that! then tell me, what can i do?!"
{Rintaran} "Complain."
{DestinyScarlatti} *gives hathor an evil eye*
{Johnson} depends on how well you can fight
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm not a good fighter either...."
{Johnson} then you best just be going home... you can do any good here
{Johnson} Well, i have to go. hope everything works out for you
{Rintaran} "Where's this portal thing the Lt was talking about?"
{Johnson} *picks up his tray and deposts his flatware on the way out*
{DestinyScarlatti} *makes fists with her hands, trying to keep her temper under control*
{Johnson} *before he gets up he answers Hathors question
{Johnson} The Zanderbelt Ranges somewhere... no one has goten anywhere near there in years. its a death trap, its also where we have to win if we ever want to get this plane back
{Johnson} *NOW he gets up to leave*
{Rintaran} /me looks at his partner.
{Milika} Hows the foot?
{Rintaran} "So we're of no real use here eh? Might as well take their advice and leave."
{DestinyScarlatti} "mind as well leave, let's get going"
{DestinyScarlatti} *gets up, and goes for the door*
{Milika} follows
{Rintaran} /me looks at Milika. "What're you doing? You're better at regular combat that the both of us. It's up to you if you want to join them or not."
{Rintaran} /me also follows.
{DestinyScarlatti} "wait....i forgot my boot"
{DestinyScarlatti} *doubles back and picks up the boot, and runs to catch up to them*
{Milika} Did you see those guys.. they are hard core warriors... i couldnt raise a blade to the greenest one of them. who ever these guys are they dont waist a single copper when it comes to training
{DestinyScarlatti} *rips off the bindings around her ankle and foot, and puts the boot back on, lacing it back up*
{Fallwind} you cant
{Fallwind} the runes hold the binding on
{DestinyScarlatti} damnit!
{Rintaran} "So it's decided then. We leave."
{DestinyScarlatti} "we leave:
{Milika} sound good..... any idea where the door is?
{Rintaran} After we get our stuff, we can ask.
{Fallwind} as you pass the rooms you see a slate on the wall beside the door with a list of names on them... severl have been scratched out and re-writen several times over
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok the third room...."
{DestinyScarlatti} "where is it...?"
{Rintaran} I thought he said fourth.
{Milika} right after the second?
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok maybe it was the fourth..."
{Fallwind} you pass the third door and see your name at the very bottom of the list
{DestinyScarlatti} "this is it, i'll go find my stuff, and i'll be right out"
{DestinyScarlatti} *walks in the room, not looking at anyone, just looking from place to place for her stuff*
{Milika} want us to wait or keep going/
{DestinyScarlatti} *before walking in "keep going"
{Rintaran} "Alright."
{Milika} *keeps walking toward the end of the hall
{Rintaran} "I should be around the 10th. You head on down to the last room. We'll meet up with you there."
{Rintaran} /me heads around the 10th, looking for his name.
{Fallwind} you see it listed about half way down the list
{Milika} ok, meet you there
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks intently in the room, ignoring all the people's faces*
{Fallwind} Harmonia finds her stuff laid neatly accross one of the bunks, everything seems to be there
{Rintaran} /me heads in, looking for his stuff, or maybe a plaque with his name... anything
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok....i'm out of here"
{DestinyScarlatti} *grabs her stuff and heads out of the room down toward hathor's room*
{Some woman} "keep it down hay!"
{Fallwind} Harthor finds his dager and club on his bed but the spell components arnt with the rest of the stuff
{Rintaran} (I never had a dagger. I had a shortspear, a billy club, and a crossbow)
{Fallwind} wasnt the short spear from the fall campaign?
{Rintaran} (I've one in this one too. I have a whole character sheet filled out here."
{Fallwind} ok, well its all there but the components
{Rintaran} /me looks perplexed and checks under the bunk, just in case.
{Fallwind} not there
{Fallwind} there is a footlocker at the foot of the bed tho
{Rintaran} /me checks that
{Fallwind} you find your components alog with a note
{Fallwind} the note says :
{Rintaran} /me reads the note and pockets the components
{Fallwind} "Your abilities put you above your friends. If you truly wish to reach your abilities stay and train with our mages. they can teach you things you cant even imagine"
{Fallwind} Harmonia comes to the 10th door
{DestinyScarlatti} *waits outside the door, waiting patiently*
{Rintaran} /me closes the footlocker and makes his way towards the exit, rereading the note as he makes his way.
{DestinyScarlatti} "hello, hathor"
{Rintaran} "Oh. Hi Harmonia. Shall we continue on to the last room? That's where Milika will be waiting for us."
{DestinyScarlatti} "sure let's continue"
{Rintaran} /me rolls the note and puts it in his pocket.
{Rintaran} "Did you find all your stuff?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i beleive so"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i didn't really inspect it...didn't care too much"
{Fallwind} you find Milika waiting for you at the end of the hall
{Rintaran} "Well Milika? Is everything accounted for?
{Milika} Come on guys, i want to get out of here as soon as we can
{Milika} ya, ya, its all there. lets just go ok?
{DestinyScarlatti} "let's get going then"
{Rintaran} /me pulls out the note and reads it once more...
{Fallwind} as you walk down the hall you notice that Milika occasionally looks behind him
{DestinyScarlatti} "what's that hathor?"
{Milika} whatcha got thee?
{Milika} *there?
{Rintaran} "Just a little message from our invisible host. Atleast, I think it's from him."
{DestinyScarlatti} "ah"
{Rintaran} "What're you so worried about Milika?"
{Milika} nothing
{Rintaran} "Nothing? That usually means something."
{DestinyScarlatti} "come on tell us Milika"
{Milika} Look, can we discuss this after we get out of here?
{DestinyScarlatti} "if you insist"
{Rintaran} "Point us the way."
{Milika} *makes a beeline for the nearest person* "How do we leave?"
{Rintaran} /me smacks own forehead
{Fallwind} take the main hall to the mess hall, take a right up the slope, will bring you to the main doors.
{DestinyScarlatti} *smiles "thank you kindly"
{Milika} And that will leave us?
{Ranom guard #..5, 6?} 30 miles from Carter Lake
{Fallwind} Carter lake is several days west of Maridiana
{Rintaran} "Carter Lake? Wow. That's gonna be quite a hike back to town."
{Milika} good enough, lets go
{DestinyScarlatti} "it's close enough"
{Milika} *makes way down the hall at a brisk walk*
{Rintaran} "True enough. You two go ahead. I'm just going to get a few more directions from our helpful friend here."
{DestinyScarlatti} *follows pursuit of Milika, walking a little faster*
{Rintaran} /me stays behind for a moment.
{Ranom guard #..5, 6?} can i help you?
{Rintaran} /me pulls out the note and hands it to the guard. "Tell your leader I thank him for the compliment, but I never abandon my friends."
{Ranom guard #..5, 6?} *looks at the note* "thats not from him*
{Rintaran} "No? Then who?"
{Ranom guard #..5, 6?} "dont know... but its not his style. all his writen comunication comes with glowing ink so we know its from him. but whoever wrote that didnt want you to leave"
{Rintaran} "My partner isn't comfortable here. And niether is Milika. I won't abandon them. You can spread the same message around among the men. Eventually, it'll make it to the right source."
{Ranom guard #..5, 6?} "If you are leaving there is no point in discussing it further... good day to you" *continues on his way*
{Rintaran} /me looks after him for a moment, then quickly makes off in the direction of the others, actively trying to catch up.
{Fallwind} You catch up to them just as thy start up the incline to the main doors
{DestinyScarlatti} "hello again"
{Rintaran} "Hey. How's the ankle? Is that rune gone yet?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't know, too irritated to even bother wondering
{Fallwind} you round the last corner and are faced with a flat, vertical wall of solid stone
{Rintaran} "You're going to be begging to be wearing your boots soon enough. We better check."
{DestinyScarlatti} "fine let's check:"
{DestinyScarlatti} *lifts up her foot slightly, and leans against the wall for balance*
{Rintaran} /me checks for the rune.
{Fallwind} they are still there but getting very faint
{Rintaran} "It's still going to be a little while. I thought they said there were doors here?"
{Fallwind} roll a spot
{DestinyScarlatti} "i thought so too..."
Rintaran rolled a 11 with a d20
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 2 with a d20
{Rintaran} +3=14
{DestinyScarlatti} (lol...and no modifier)
{DestinyScarlatti} (wait a +1)
{DestinyScarlatti} (so it's a 3 o.o)
Fallwind rolled a 14 with a d20
{Fallwind} ok Harmonia manages to see her hand infront of her face, Hathor just sees a wall
{Milika} did you see that?
{DestinyScarlatti} (haha!)
{DestinyScarlatti} "see what? i see a hand"
{Rintaran} "All I see is a wall. You'll have to show us."
{Milika} i thought i saw a ripple in the wall
{Rintaran} /me knocks on the wall
{Fallwind} it gives off a odd sound, kind of like a chime
{Fallwind} nothing like what rock should
{DestinyScarlatti} hmmm.....
{DestinyScarlatti} *puts a hand to the middle of the wall*
{Fallwind} It feals odly warm
{DestinyScarlatti} "it warm...."
{DestinyScarlatti} *it's
{DestinyScarlatti} "i wonder...."
{Rintaran} "An illusion of some sort?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *trys to push the wall*
{Milika} could be
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 12 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 12-1 = 11)
{Fallwind} you hear another chime, this time alot louder and higher pitch then before
{Fallwind} score :)
{DestinyScarlatti} "i wonder...."
{Milika} *walks along the wall, knocking every foot or so. there are 5 diferent tones depending on where you knock*
{Rintaran} "I disbelieve the illusion. There is no wall. I disbelieve the illusion. There is no wall. I disbelieve the illusion."
{Rintaran} /me then attempts to walk through the wall.
{Fallwind} you fail to walk thru the wall
{Rintaran} "Well, it was worth a shot. i guess we just have to find the right combination of chimes to unlock the door."
{Fallwind} roll a knowledge(music) check
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 6 with a d20
Rintaran rolled a 16 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} (7)
Fallwind rolled a 19 with a d20
{Rintaran} +2 = 18
{Fallwind} milika recognises the notes
{Fallwind} so does Hathor
{Fallwind} The notes are part of a childerns melody that isnt that popular anymore... infact neither of you have heard it since you were little. youre not 100% sure how it goes but you have a rough idea
{Milika} "dee de dah ree da dee...... something something... i know this
{Milika} *taps his foot, trying to get the tune*
{DestinyScarlatti} "i wish my mother sand to me... when i was a child"
{DestinyScarlatti} *sang
{Rintaran} dee de dah, ree da dee, dee dee da dee dee...
{Milika} *snaps his fingers* "GOT IT!" *goes up to the wall and knocks on difernt parts of it and plays out a tune*
{DestinyScarlatti} (rin, my dice are rigged.....they have gave me nothing but crap rolls)
{Fallwind} When he hits the last note, the wall shimers again in iridecent colours then playes the same tune over again but in a minor key giving it a hollow, haunting sound before the rock fades away and revieals an iron door
{DestinyScarlatti} "doors!"
{DestinyScarlatti} *runs up and goes to the doors, and attempts to open them*
{Fallwind} nothing happens
{Milika} *points to the levers on either side of the doors*
{DestinyScarlatti} .....
{Milika} *goes over an pulls one*
{DestinyScarlatti} *goes over to the other and pulls it*
{Fallwind} you hear some loud clacking and grinding as the bolts are retracted
{Rintaran} /me stands back watching
{Milika} *pulls the other with the same effect*
{Milika} "now you can push to your hearts desire"
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah!"
{Rintaran} "But it may work better if you pull."
{DestinyScarlatti} *pushes the door*
{Fallwind} they slide open as if they didnt weigh an ounce
{Rintaran} "Or maybe not."
{Fallwind} yes, the door opens, it is currently night, the sky is clear and there is a quarter moon setting in the west. the air is cool but fresh
{DestinyScarlatti} *runs out of the doors and takes a deep breath* "fresh air"
{Milika} follows here out and keeps on walking towards the forest beyond the door
{Rintaran} /me looks back at the dark tunnel behind him. Then looks forward at his friends. He slowly takes a few tentative steps out the doors.
{Fallwind} as you look at the door it swings shut, and changes back into solid stone
{Milika} "Come on, keep moving"
{DestinyScarlatti} *opens her eyes* "oppss..." *runs to catch up with milika*
{Rintaran} "We're out. What're you afraid of?"
{Rintaran} /me jogs to catch up to his friends.
{Milika} "i want to put some distance between us and that 'place' "
{Fallwind} the three of you walk thru the forest you continue to put distance between you and the doors
{Milika} "how far are we?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok....so what made you so nervous?"
{Milika} "this" *he diges a crumpled note out of his pocket and passes it to her
{Fallwind} it says :
{DestinyScarlatti} (wow... i'm glad i never bothered to look for one)
{DestinyScarlatti} *looks at the paper and reads it*
{Rintaran} /me reads over her shoulder
{Fallwind} "there is something in the air here... get out while you can. do not spend the night at all cost... Johnson"
{Fallwind} the note has a blood stain at the bottom and part of the corner is torn
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh absolutely fabulous....i'm glad i never bothered to see if i was missing anything"
{Milika} "this does raise an interesting question.... how did he get it to my room before i got there"
{DestinyScarlatti} "recall he left before we did"
{Milika} "not that long before tho"
{Milika} Now that we're out, are we safe? they brought us in easy enough the first time what about now?
{DestinyScarlatti} "if they wanted us to stay, they would have put guards outside our rooms, blocking our paths if we were to go out"
{Rintaran} "They may not have wanted us to stay. But someone wanted me to."
{Milika} thats assuming they cant just haul us back at will
{Milika} "what??"
{DestinyScarlatti} "if you still want to go back....you can"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm not keeping you from coming with"
{Rintaran} "No. I've never abandoned my friends in the past. I'm not going to start well. Plus, I've yet to see any reason to trust them. Any of them."
{DestinyScarlatti} *nods her head* "ok good enough"
{Fallwind} As you continue you walk thru the woods you come across a dirt trail. it looks like it has seen only marginal use
{DestinyScarlatti} "a trail! let's use it!"
{Fallwind} you take the train in a generaly south direction.
{Milika} wait a sec... if we are out by Carter Lake... what are we going to tell the Cheif when we get back.. we must have been gone days already
{Rintaran} "Simple. We reveal the existence of a secret encampment where an interdimensional being is training an army. We can pretty easily tie everything to them."
{DestinyScarlatti} "good idea, i like it"
{Milika} do you think he will buy it? all we have are the notes
{Rintaran} "No. All we have is your note."
{Milika} what happened to yours?
{Rintaran} "I returned it and thanked them for the compliment, while expressing my loyalty to my allies as unwavering."
{Milika} ok... so all we have is my note... i dont think the Chief will buy it.. most likely he will just bust our hides for not going to work for a week
{Rintaran} "You have a better idea?"
{Milika} nope, but on the plus side we have a 3 day hike to think of one
{DestinyScarlatti} "good point.... and i wonder if the runes have finally gone?"
{Rintaran} Let me check
{Fallwind} they have
{Rintaran} /me kneels down and checks
{Rintaran} /me undoes the bindings
{Rintaran} You can put your boot on now.
{Milika} the leaves have disapeard, the skin where they were has a slight glitter to it
{DestinyScarlatti} *puts her boot on and laces it*
{Fallwind} your foot feals as good as it did before you jumped off the seats
{Milika} yup....
{Milika} "you know.. this almost seems to easy"
{DestinyScarlatti} "it does...."
{Fallwind} roll a spot check
{Fallwind} :)
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 15 with a d20
Rintaran rolled a 9 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} (15+1=16)
{Rintaran} +3=12
{Fallwind} you both notice several red flashes along the horizon to the west
{DestinyScarlatti} "what do you think that could be?"
{Rintaran} "Could be anything."
{Milika} "dont know... its coming from home tho... i really hope that isnt what i think it is"
{Rintaran} "The city on fire?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "....what do you think it is?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "no.....that better not be it"
{Milika} *in a hollow voice* "they're explosions"
{DestinyScarlatti} "explosions....of what?!
{Milika} "we have to get back"
{Rintaran} Powdered kegs, fireball spells...
{DestinyScarlatti} *starts running* "we have to get there!"
{Rintaran} "Its days away. By the time we get there it'll be too late."
{Milika} *chases after Harmonia* "wait up, we cant get there at a full run. we just have to find the main road then we can get a ride"
{Rintaran} /me jogs after them
{DestinyScarlatti} *stops, well slows down* "what hathor, you don't have a spell or anything that can get us their faster?"
{Rintaran} No, but I can make you think you're a chicken.
{Milika} heh
{DestinyScarlatti} "go ahead and try it"
{Milika} as much as i would like to see that under other circumstances we arnt even sure we are going the right way
{Fallwind} the path you are following winds its way thru the forest and comes to the shore of Carter Lake. the lake has dozens of small bays and many many islands, you arnt sure what part of the lake you are at.
[End of Session #3]
» Transcript of Session 2
[Ok, it won't let me backdate this entry. Should be from May 16th, 2004 @ 11:59pm]

{Fallwind} ok... Harmonia, you are the first to awake
The GM: says "game on"
{DestinyScarlatti} (is hathor in the same place i am?)
{Fallwind} you look around the room i assume?
{DestinyScarlatti} /me looks around the room, hoping to catch glimpse of her partner
{Fallwind} You are in what looks to be some kind of cave. The walls are a gray stone. there are 2 vrey large men (possabley orcs) guarding the open end of the tunel. You, Hathor, and Officer Mikila are laying on the dirt floor. Your weapons and manicles have been removed but you are unharmed
{Fallwind} Mikila is still unconsious
{DestinyScarlatti} "hathor, are you ok?"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me shakes hathor a little
{Fallwind} no answer
{Rintaran} /me is unconcious.
{DestinyScarlatti} hathor, please!!! are you awake?
{DestinyScarlatti} /me shakes him a little more roughly
{Fallwind} still nothing
{DestinyScarlatti} "damnit!"
{DestinyScarlatti} i wonder if the other officer is awake?
{DestinyScarlatti} /me goes to the other officer and shakes him "hello, are you awake?"
{Fallwind} nope
{DestinyScarlatti} /me yells "Damnit all to hell!"
{Fallwind} Hathor wakes up
{DestinyScarlatti} /me goes to one side of the cave wall and punches it
{Rintaran} /me rolls up on his side and groans
{DestinyScarlatti} /me turns around on her heel "Hathor!? you are awake and alive?!"
{Rintaran} /me opens his eyes.
{DestinyScarlatti} /me runs over to him, and leans down next to him
{Rintaran} "Harmonia? Where are we? What's the sit?"
{Rintaran} /me sits up
{DestinyScarlatti} "well for starters, we are unarmed.... 2 guards on one end of the tunnel"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't know where we are"
{Rintaran} /me looks around for himself.
{Rintaran} "Only two?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "last i knew, are there more?"
{Rintaran} /me squints to see
{Fallwind} Mikila groans and rolls onto his stomach
{DestinyScarlatti} "thank the lord!"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me goes over to mikila "are you awake?"
{Milika} "ow"
{Rintaran} "I wonder if I still have my reagents..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "well, he's awake...."
{Rintaran} /me checks for his spell component pouch, with a plan in mind
{Milika} "what are you doing here?"
{Fallwind} your pouch is not there
{DestinyScarlatti} "good question.... what are you doing here as well?"
{Milika} "waiting for the room to stop spinning for one"
{Milika} "any idea where we are?"
{Rintaran} "We were investigating the docks. Been very little activity down there lately. We followed a worker into a warehouse, and well, the rest is history."
{DestinyScarlatti} "not a single one"
{Rintaran} "Looks like a cave. So I'd guess still along the shoreline. Unless they dug it themselves."
{Milika} "could be one of the mines, who knows how long we were out"
{DestinyScarlatti} "well, i was the first one concious..."
{Milika} *tries to stand and staggers a little to the right before getting his balance*
{DestinyScarlatti} /me stands back up, next to milika "you want some help?"
{Milika} "woo, that was some strong stuff"
{Rintaran} "Heh. You know it. So what were you up to when you got taken out?"
{Rintaran} /me slowly stands up, his head still pounding.
{DestinyScarlatti} "hey don't push it hathor"
{DestinyScarlatti} "sit back down"
{Milika} "I was over in Zig town, running down a lead at Backthorpes Bookies when some 'voice' greated me then this white powder blew up in my face and then i woke up here"
{Rintaran} "White powder? We got zapped with some sort of spell."
{Milika} "odd"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't know... whatever it was...it was strong"
{Disembodied Voice} "if youre quite done...."
{DestinyScarlatti} "DAH!"
{Milika} "DAH!"
{DestinyScarlatti} "ummm......ok, so who are you?"
{Rintaran} "For now. Care to introduce yourself oh bodyless one?"
{Disembodied Voice} "Just call me the Leader for now"
{DestinyScarlatti} "over my dead body i will!"
{Rintaran} "How about Evil Leader? Or maybe Dark Master? I haven't heard that one for a while."
{The Leader} "heh, dont be in too much of a rush my dear"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me mumbles under her breath "i'll never call you anything...."
{The Leader} "why does EVERYONE assume that i am evil... you dont even know why i brought you here"
{Rintaran} "If you weren't evil, you would have asked."
{The Leader} "unless asking would have got you killed"
{DestinyScarlatti} "killed, eh? now why would you want us killed?"
{Rintaran} /me chuckles
{The Leader} "you have no idea what powers you are medeling in, i was able to steer the rest of your comrads away from the truth but you got too close too fast. if i hadnt acted you would have been dead before you could have left the room"
{The Leader} "i DONT want you killed, thats why i had you brought here
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok.....but then why did you knock us unconcious?"
{Rintaran} "Sure. If that's the case, why don't you show yourself?"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me sits down on the ground, flicking her hair over her shoulder
{The Leader} "To answer the dear lady first, this place isnt exactly on the maps, if you knew where it was then if you were captured and tortured you could reveal its location. i cant alow that"
{The Leader} "And to answer the mage, simple... I cant. I am not of this plane"
{Milika} *sits beside Harmonia*
{Rintaran} "Niether are demons and devils. It doesn't stop them."
{Rintaran} /me leans up against a wall.
{The Leader} "True, but compaired to my plane they are your virtual neibours"
{Rintaran} (Oh how I wish I had taken Knowledge(planes). lol)
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok.....but still, why do you want us...." *gulp* "alive?"
{Rintaran} "It needs worshippers and slaves. Right?"
{Rintaran} "All beings from other planes want those things."
{The Leader} "You must be hungry, Swanson, please escort our guests to the mess hall and get them some food. I know our cook isnt the best in the world but he can mix up a fairly good stew im told"
{Rintaran} "Ah. So mindless drones it is then."
{DestinyScarlatti} /me shakes her head "sorry....i'm not hungry...."
{The Leader} "Slaves... for the love of......" *the voice fades and you dont get to hear the last words*
{Swanson} "Please follow me, you really arnt in danger here, we have this place well protected, they cant get you here"
{Rintaran} "They who?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "my question exactly..."
{Swanson} "if you like miss, you can use one of the bunks and catch a quick nap"
{DestinyScarlatti} "thank you swanson, is it?"
{Swanson} "Um.... it would be best if the Leader explained it... for one thing its a VERY long story, and he tells it well"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm going to use a bunk....and catch some sleep...food is not the thing i need..."
{Rintaran} "I assume it will be discussed over dinner?"
{Swanson} *Swanson leads you thru the winding tunnels, past caverens and branching tunnels. by this point you feal lost in the maze. As you pass by some rooms you can hear the voices of many people, some relaxing, some discussing arcane arts, others training with weapons"
{Swanson} "No, he will come for you and discuss the mater privatly"
{Rintaran} "Oh, Harmonia. If we ever get out of this alive, I know a solution to that little problem we were discussing earlier."
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok...why not tell me now?"
{Rintaran} "The ears of the fallen."
{Mikila} *moves up closer to Swanson* "How do you know your way around, this place is a maze"
{DestinyScarlatti} "what about them?"
{Swanson} "Practice... once you live here for a few months you get used to it"
{Rintaran} "I certainly hope that isn't going to be our fate."
{Swanson} *chuckles* "I believe your fried here is saying that he doesnt trust me"
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh.....well, i'm not exactly that trusting either.... but, never mind...."
{Swanson} "You will be free to go after you have heard the Leader explain why he took you, but i suggest you stay"
{Rintaran} "We'll cross that bridge if we ever come to it."
{Swanson} "Here we are, the Mess hall... try the stew." *he points into a very large cavern with a kitchen at one end and severl dozen people already there eating* "if you will excuse me i have to get going."
{DestinyScarlatti} "twas a pleasure to meet you swanson....
{Rintaran} "Ok then. Bye for now."
{Swanson} "And you miss"
{Rintaran} /me looks around the room, trying to see if anything is out of the ordinary... more so than the obvious.
{DestinyScarlatti} (lol)
{DestinyScarlatti} /me walks over to one side, just looking at the people and then at the food, putting a hand over her stomach
{DestinyScarlatti} *looking
{Fallwind} nothing looks odd, other then the fact that you are in a huge cavern underground that is serving as a kitchen
{Rintaran} "So, Mikila, I assume you were looking into why the Union's moneylenders were suddenly broke?"
{Fallwind} the food looks fairly standard, the people talk openly and happily
{Fallwind} "not broke, but tapped out. somone has been borrowing VAST summs of money, who ever it is is going to have one hell of a debt to pay off come next friday" OOC: "next friday" is when most of the 'break your legs' type lenders call in their debts
{Rintaran} "Did you manage to come up with anything before you woke up here?"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me turns around and walks to another side of the room, into a dark corner
{Rintaran} /me glances over at Harmiona for a moment.
{Milika} "not really, i was looking into Blackthorpes Bookies because they were one of the few that was still open for business"
{Milika} "But before i could talk with him, that 'thing' did whatever it did and brought me here"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me sits down on the ground, bringing her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them, her head resting on her arms, buried
{DestinyScarlatti} *burying her face in her arms*
{Rintaran} "I don't see how that links with what we managed to see. it looked like a bunch of zombified people were brewing some sort of drug. Maybe the money was needed for supplies, but that's a little far-fetched."
{Fallwind} Harmonia, you notice one of the people eating give you a concerened glance
{Milika} "Zombified... how so?"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me says under her breath "people can't leave me alone....."
{Fallwind} "are you ok miss?"
{Some man} "are you ok miss?"
{Rintaran} "They were just out of it. They didn't even seem to realize that we were there. It was as though we were both invisible and silenced.
{DestinyScarlatti} "yes, i'm fine, i'm fine"
{Rintaran} /me makes his way over to the stew while talking with Milika, hoping he'll follow.
{Milika} "that is odd, i didnt see anyone like that over in Zig tho alot of people did seem nervous but wouldnt say why
{Rintaran} /me snifs the stew, tries to determine the contents and whether it's safe to eat...
{Fallwind} "You look like hell, why dont you pick a table and we will get you somehting to eat. No, its not drugged"
{Fallwind} *you smell nothing but stew
{DestinyScarlatti} "no thanks....no offense, i normally don't eat....food just makes me sick..."
{Some Man} "you have to eat sometime else you will just waiste away"
{Rintaran} /me serves himself a bowl of soup and tastes a bit of it.
{milika} *takes a small bite of a piece of meet in the stew* "tastes safe enough"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i know......but right now.....i just.....want to........*falls asleep before able to say another word*
{milika} "Quite good actually"
{Rintaran} "Well, if they wanted us dead. We'd already be. That table's clear."
{Some Guy} *looks over at Hathor and Milika* "is that normal?"
{Rintaran} "Depends. What time of day is it?"
{Some Guy} *he seems genually concerned*
{Some Guy} "its shortly before sunrise"
{Rintaran} "Then I'm genuinely suprised she lasted this long. Let her rest for now. I'll wake her in a bit."
{Some Guy} afk a sec
{Rintaran} /me pockets a bread-roll for later.
{Some Guy} back
{Some Guy} "you are free to return later for more food if you wish"
{Some Guy} "we dont keep our people rationed"
{Rintaran} "Yeah, but who knows where we might be heading off to in the near future. You can never be too prepared. Plus, it's for her."
{Some Guy} "true, well i will leave you to your meal"
{Rintaran} "Wait a moment. What can you tell us about this 'Leader'?"
{Some Guy} "Well, he is an extra-planer being here to stop the Vahzok from infesting our kingdom"
{Rintaran} /me arches an eyebrow.
{Some Guy} "Im guessing he hasnt explained it to you yet?"
{Rintaran} "Not yet. But I'm a cop. I always have to ask questions. Comes with the job."
{Rintaran} /me smiles
{Some Guy} "Well let me guess... something was going on that seemed a little odd, you went to investigate, when you did you saw something REALLY odd, then you woke up here?"
{Rintaran} "Sounds about right."
{Milika} "Kind of... except i was in an empty room with nothing going on"
{Some Guy} "Dont be so sure of that"
{Some Guy} "the Vhazok are sneeky bugges and deadly as hell. an empty room may seem that way to us but to them it can be as busy as an ant hill"
{Rintaran} "So they're a kind of parasite?"
{Some Guy} "do you want a convenient 'yes' or a drawn out and accurate 'no'?
{Rintaran} /me chows on his stew while listening.
{Rintaran} "That'd be a 'not really'."
{Rintaran} /me laughs.
{Some Guy} "well it all depends on how you look at it. a
{DestinyScarlatti} /me stirs slightly, mumbling slightly
{Some Guy} "To make a very long storry short, the Vahzok travel from one plane to another in search of raw minerals to fuel their wars, unfortionaly for those they come in contact with they have no regard for how they leave the place when they are done"
{DestinyScarlatti} "avelino...."
{Some Guy} "Waking up miss?"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me opens her eyes slightly and reaches out as if to touch the guy "avelino......? is that you?"
{Some Guy} *takes her hand before it touches him and says in a strong voice "wake up miss"
{Rintaran} "Harmonia. You're talking in your sleep again. It's time to get up. No doubt we'll have our audience with this 'Leader' fellow shortly."
{DestinyScarlatti} /me collapses back into sleep, quite once again
{Rintaran} /me shakes his head sadly.
{Some Guy} "well, as i was saying. The Vahz travel from plane to plane stripping kingdoms. They came here about 8 years ago and set up an early base in the Forils Mountains and started using their dark magics to strip the land of life. you cant go there anymore... it was about 3 and ahalf years ago the Leader showed up and started recruiting us to fingt the Vahz and stop them from stripmineing our world. Without him we would all be dead by now"
{Some Guy} "as for what the Vahz actually are.... well... thats a little harder to explain"
{Rintaran} "Then we may as well let the master storyteller take care of that one."
{Some Guy} "agreed :)"
{Some Guy} "well, if you will excuse me i am late for my offecive magics course. enjoy your meal"
{Rintaran} "Thanks. Good luck on your course."
{Some Guy} "thanks" *he gets up and takes his plates back to the kitchen and leaves*
{Rintaran} "Well Milika, what do you think of that?"
{Rintaran} /me chows down on his stew.
{Milika} "well he seemed nice enough, no obvious signs of controll"
{Milika} "dont know what to make of that storry of his though... seems like a bunch of hooie to me"
{Milika} "and what does it have to do with Meridiana
{DestinyScarlatti} /me stirs again, opening her eyes, looking around, still half-asleep
{Rintaran} "Good morning Harmonia. Are you ready for a bite to eat? The food safe."
{DestinyScarlatti} "no food....i'm not hungry"
{DestinyScarlatti} "but good morning"
{Rintaran} "Atleast have a breadroll. We've no idea when we might get the chance again."
{DestinyScarlatti} "fine.....if you want me to"
{Milika} "he;s right"
{Rintaran} /me passes her a breadroll (but not the one he pocketed earlier)
{DestinyScarlatti} "thanks hathor...."
{Rintaran} "No problem. I can't have my partner passing out because of malnutrition. What would the chief say?"
{Rintaran} /me chuckles
{DestinyScarlatti} /me takes the breadroll apart, eating a small part of it, but leaving most of it untouched"
{Milika} *chuckles*
{Milika} "you might not pass out from fategue if you eat more"
{Rintaran} "You didn't miss much anyways. From what we've been able to pick up, this cult believes the world is being invaded by a bunch of stripmining ants and their Leader has been fighting to stop them."
{the Leader} "if you are done your meal I can begin discussing what you need to know...."
{Rintaran} /me sops up the last of his stew.
{Rintaran} "Sounds good to me. Everyone fully concious?"
{Milika} "Gah, i wil never get used to that"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i'm awake"
{The Leader} "Verywell, make your way to the main amphitheater, go out the doors, take the second left then the third right"
{Rintaran} "Second left, third right eh?"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me gets up, most of the roll still on the table
{Rintaran} /me gets up, notices the roll, grabs it, and moves towards the main amphitheatre.
{Rintaran} "Harmonia, you never finished this. I know it's not a bagel smothered in cream cheese, but you have to eat atleast half a meal once in a while."
{Milika} "heres hopeing we can get some straight answers"
{Rintaran} "Only as straight as you can get from any cult leader."
{DestinyScarlatti} "yeah...."
{DestinyScarlatti} "nah, i had more than enough hathor...thanks for thinking of me though"
{The Leader} "I can hear you you know"
{Rintaran} "Are you telling me I'm wrong? Do these people not accept what you say unquestioningly? Don't you all believe in the same cause and live apart from normal society because of it? Are you not their leader? Well, certainly sounds like a cult to me."
{Rintaran} /me pockets the rejected breadroll for later.
{DestinyScarlatti} /me continues walking, looking at the floor
{The Leader} "I get that alot. We are not bound by any religous doctorin, people are free to leave at any point, we dont ask for a life time of servitude"
{Rintaran} "Is this the first left, or the second?"
{The Leader} "second"
{The Leader} "third right"
{Rintaran} "Ok, then I guess we turn here. Come along Harmonia. You don't want to get lost down here."
{The Leader} "if you choose to stay you will learn the layout quickly"
{Rintaran} "So, mr leader, you don't run a religious cult. That doesn't mean this isn't a cult. And all cults claim their members are free to leave at anypoint."
{The Leader} "but how many have had members leave?"
{Rintaran} "A few I would guess... Cults aren't really my specialty. I'm just talking about what I see and associating it as best as I can."
{DestinyScarlatti} /me continues walking with them, still looking at the floor, listening to the conversation
{Rintaran} "Third right must be around here someplace..."
{DestinyScarlatti} "i don't know hathor......." *hits the wall*
{Fallwind} as you come to the third right you look in and see a very large room, over 100m round with slanted seating to allow those at the back to see the stage at the front
{Rintaran} "Now that's what I call a room! You could fit half the city in here."
{Fallwind} there are dozens of torches around the walls but they dont throw off any smoke
{Fallwind} in 100 meters?
{Fallwind} its big, but not that big
{Rintaran} (exaggeration. duh.)
{Fallwind} ah
{The Leader} please come in, take any seats you like
{DestinyScarlatti} ....wow this is a huge room!
{Rintaran} "Where would you suggest? Near the front, or by the exit?"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me takes a seat in the middle
{Rintaran} /me chuckles.
{Rintaran} "The middle it is then!"
{Rintaran} /me sits down a seat away from his partner.
{Milika} "why fight the crowd"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me looks over to hathor "so, when are you going to tell me this plan?"
{Rintaran} "When we're out of this mess. We may not have to worry about it."
{Fallwind} "what you are about to see is an illusion projected by me onto the stage, i find it lends a bit of pazaz to the storry"
{Rintaran} "Alright. We await you lights and mirrors."
{Rintaran} /me chuckles some more.
{Fallwind} on the stage you see a rolling hill, covered in grass and trees, its a nice sunny day with poofy white clouds in the sky
{DestinyScarlatti} /me leans back in the seat relaxing
{Rintaran} /me watches, hoping to catch something that may be important..
{the Leader} "This is, or rather was, my home. Like the Vahzok we were plane jumpers but unlike them we didnt strip them. After thousands of years we came accorss this plane and settled down."
{DestinyScarlatti} /me closes her eyes, relaxing, but not falling asleep
{the Leader} "but like all things that are too good for you, this was plucked away from us by the Vahz"
{Fallwind} on the stage you see a dimentional rift open and some beings come through that look like they were cobbled together from many diferent parts
{Rintaran} "That's a Vahz?"
{the Leader} "That is a Vahz, well, sort of. The actuall Vahz is the creature at the center of that mass holding the parts together. as you can see the body is made up of parts of other beings."
{DestinyScarlatti} /me opens her eyes "holy mother of all gods!"
{the Leader} "when they come accross a life form with a superior part to what they have they will harvest them to replace their own"
{the Leader} "The Vahz are a plage, spreading from plane to plane takeing what they can, destroying what they cant so other factions cant"
{the Leader} "and they are here"
{Rintaran} "Other factions?"
{the Leader} "The Vahz are always at war with each other, fighting for territory, or just for the heck of it"
{Rintaran} "Ok. Sooooo... What do they look like here?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "...they are weird"
{the Leader} "When they first arived here they were only interested in your rich iron deposts, but they quickly found that your kingdom posseses several herbs and minerails that can be combined to create powerfull mind controll drugs, that is what you two stumbled accross"
{Rintaran} "I knew it was a drug lab."
{the Leader} "the Vahz are not invincable though, they are still limited by their 'bodies' that they collect. the actual being inside is actually quite week"
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok....so what kills these creatures...?"
{Fallwind} the visage changes to a rotating "thing" that you assume is a vahz. a 8 leged/armed thing with a insectiod head, 3 clawed hands/feet and a long spiny tail. the image of the Vahz shrinks untill a huma is seen beside it for scale, the Vahz is about the size of a small dog
{the Leader} "Just about anything once you get through the shell, a good stomp from your shoe will do it. but the trouble is striping it out of the shell"
{Fallwind} you see the image of the human pick up his left foot and stomp on the Vahz, making a loud squishing noise
{Rintaran} "But the shell is just that mess of limbs rights? Hack them up enough and it stall goes splat."
{the Leader} "Theoricly yes.... but it isnt that easy. They are strong and fast, not to mention terrably inteligent."
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok.....but how does one strip the thing out of it's shell?"
{the Leader} "as you said, with alot of hacking... although we are looking into a better way and that is where i was hoping you could help us. your natural curoristy that made you great officers will also make you great spys"
{Rintaran} /me laughs
{DestinyScarlatti} /me almost falls out of her seat " SPIES?!"
{Rintaran} "Yes, because it'd be nothing to infiltrate the Vhaz collective and learn their secrets."
{the Leader} "if it was 'nothing' we would have done it already"
{DestinyScarlatti} ....umm..... you act as if it was nothing for us to do that...i'm a horrible liar
{the Leader} "we exel at stand up fights not espinage"
{Rintaran} "Your kind obviously aren't aware of sarcasm."
{the Leader} "sorry, when you dont have a body its hard to get body language"
{Rintaran} "Or tone of voice without any ears I suppose."
{the Leader} "after you have been on as many planes as i have you learn you have to listen to the exact words rather then what you think the person is meaning by saying them"
{DestinyScarlatti} "but still! you act as if it will be nothing to spy on people we don't even know, we are cops, that means we have to be legal too!"
{the Leader} "We think the Vahz have some vested intrest in your plane besides the drugs, those only help them enslave your population, it is useless elsewhere... no, there is some other reason for them to still be here"
{Rintaran} "Not only that, but we're not even dealing with people here. How are we supposed to blend in with that!"
{the Leader} "we can provide you with magics that will disguse you long enough to find out what is going on and get out again. we need someone who knows what to look for, most of our people are warriors of some sort. good fighters but cant do much if you dont tell them who to hack and where if you know what i meen"
{Rintaran} /me is obviously uneasy about the 'plan'
{DestinyScarlatti} "but still.....oy....." *slaps her forehead*
{the Leader} "I 'think' there is something diferent about this plane compaird to the others i have defended. the Vahz are opertunists, unless there is something of extreeme value they wont stand and fight for a plane, usually they will just pack up and hit another one when we show up and show the locals how to defend themselfs. but this clan has been here for 8 long years, over 3.5 years of active conflict.
{Rintaran} "Look. Their zombified minions aren't going to be of any help, that means we'll need to get our info from the Vhaz themselves. I don't speak Vhazanese. And they'll recognize that I'm not one of them."
[End of Session #2]
» Transcript of Session 1
{Fallwind} you, along with the entire morning shift is sitting in the breifing room at headquarters:
{Police Chief Andrick} "Settle down people, we've got alot to cover and not alot of time to do it in"
{Rintaran} "Sure Chief. What'cha got for us?"
{Rintaran} /me chews on a toothpick.
{DestinyScarlatti} /me sits back in her chair, completely relaxed, somewhat bored looking
{Police Chief Andrick} "Ok, for those of you who have been paying atention" *gives a look at Hathon* "there has been a marked change in the going ons down at The Docks"
{Rintaran} /me grins
{Rintaran} (It's Hathor not Hathon)
{Police Chief Andrick} "The place has been virtually deserted of Family activity for the last week and a half, now i doubt our good friend Hammond has just picked up and left so something must have spooked him good"
{DestinyScarlatti} "so what assignment is this time?"
{Rintaran} "That or he's planning something..."
{DestinyScarlatti} *is it
{Police Chief Andrick} "Im getting to that little miss-in-a-rush!" *the Chief runs his fingers thru his graying hair
{Police Chief Andrick} "Simply this, i want to know wht the old man is doing, if he decided to go clean *chuckle* then good, but if something big is about to go through our town i want to know and i want it stoped, clear?"
{everyone there} "Yes SIR"
{DestinyScarlatti} "understood... sir"
{Rintaran} "So it's a bug hunt."
{Fallwind} "not yet, i dont need you to be a hero and bring the entire Family in, i just want to know whats going on then decide what to do about it
{DestinyScarlatti} "yes...yes sir..."
{Police Chief Andrick} OOC: that should have been the chief
{DestinyScarlatti} /me gets up and goes for the door
{Rintaran} "Right, a bug hunt. If I was gonna bring down the whoel family, it would have been cleaning house."
{Rintaran} /me grins as he stands up.
{DestinyScarlatti} /me sighs and rolls her eyes, flicking her hair over her should casually
{DestinyScarlatti} *shoulder
{Police Chief Andrick} "just keep from embarrising us Hathon"
{Rintaran} "Relax Chief. If you keep getting upset like this, you'll end up going bald. Hermiona, Shall we go?"
{Rintaran} (It's Hathor damnit!)
{DestinyScarlatti} (Harmonia)
{Fallwind} OOC: opps
{DestinyScarlatti} "let's just get this done and over with please....before i go bald?"
{Rintaran} /me chuckles as he makes his way over to the door.
{Fallwind} as you leave the HQ the sun is just rising over the water in the harbor, casting long shadows from all the buildings nearby as people are heading to and from work
{Rintaran} "Beauty before age"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me opens the door, and makes it purposly hit Hathor on her way out
{Rintaran} /me sighs.
{Fallwind} The morning air is still fairly cool, about -5 even though the sun is bright
{Fallwind} no wind
{Rintaran} /me slips on his leather jacket over his uniform, as usual.
{Rintaran} "So should we head straight for the docks? Or do you have a source someplace that might be of aid?"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me grabs her coat on the other side and puts it on, and puts her hair up
{Fallwind} OOC:.... well what are you going to do?
{Rintaran} (I'm waiting for her to answer my question)
{DestinyScarlatti} "i say we should go to the docks first"
{DestinyScarlatti} (sorry, i zoned for a moment)
{Rintaran} "To the docks then."
{Rintaran} /me begins heading towards the docks.
{DestinyScarlatti} /me walks a couple paces behind slowly looking toward the ground
{Rintaran} "So Harmiona, you seem to be in a particularly foul mood this morning. Anything troubling you?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "aren't i always like this?"
{Rintaran} "Nah. Usually you're a little less hit me in the face, and a little more sulk-city."
{DestinyScarlatti} /me laughs dryly "well, my parents have found out where i am...and well, let's just say.. i dislike them for arranging my marriage"
{Fallwind} OOC: damn i should have got some chps or something
{Rintaran} "Woo. That'd put me in a right old mood. They still want you to marry that stiff?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "yes, and they say they are coming within the week to come drag me back"
{Rintaran} "Ouch. What're you going to do? I mean, you only have a few options... Refuse and act like a rock, run, accept it, or marry someone else."
{DestinyScarlatti} "like hell i'd accept it!"
{Rintaran} "Well I knew that much. So what's left?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "well, i could run...but then with my luck, they would find out where i am again..... so refusing, or marrying someone else are my only options left"
{Rintaran} "Think you could hold out on the refusing front?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "that's my one problem...they can be quite persuasive...."
{Fallwind} Shawn, while you were talking you notieced Julian Anders, a street rat that has been brought in on pick pocketing charges more then once... good kid but lacks the ability and drive to make it
{DestinyScarlatti} "that's a small problem, they are quite persusive...when they want to be"
{Fallwind} OOC: i love these secret rolles :)
{Rintaran} "Hold that thought. I'll come back to it."
{Rintaran} /me moves towards Julian, hoping to catch a hold of him, preferably while Julian's breaking the law.
{Fallwind} Julian sees you coming towards him and makes no attempt to get away
{Rintaran} (dang)
{Fallwind} he isnt doing anything wrong and he knows it
{Fallwind} BTW, he is also about 8 or 9 years old
{Rintaran} "Julian, Julian, Julian. How are you doing? Staying clean?"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me doesn't move toward julian, deep in thought
{Julian Anders} "Hello Mr Delresseck, you know it"
{Julian Anders} *hopps down from the stairs he was sitting on*
{Rintaran} "Not giving your mother any trouble I hope?"
{Julian Anders} "nope, she is doing fine. still working at that crappy jop over on the Hill Top tho." *looks past you to Harmonia* "whats with her?"
{Rintaran} "Nothing that you really need to worry about. Do you still have that fish-cleaning job down by the docks that I set you up with? How's that working out?"
{Julian Anders} "no, that old battle axe ran me out.... *in a screatchy voice like an old woman* 'Work FASTER Julian, dont make a mess Julian.... old crone"
{Rintaran} /me laughs. "Yeah, Grandma Sanders is like that. So what have you been doing then? The schools won't take you, and niether will most legitimate businesses without a good recommendation."
{DestinyScarlatti} /me walks over to julian and Hathor "well, wait.... i just had a good idea!"
{Julian Anders} "Nothing illegal i can assure you... street theater, magic tricks adn the like.... say, want to see my new trick?" *he is almost bouncing with excitment*
{Rintaran} /me turns to Harmiona for a moment. "You did? Care to share?" Turns back to Julian, "Sure, that'd be great."
{DestinyScarlatti} "Hathor...could i pass julian off as my child...and just say my husband is currently out on business...?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *as my child
{Rintaran} /me eyes bug out
{DestinyScarlatti} "outrageous idea i know.... but could it work?"
{Julian Anders} *while he is rooting thru his pack for the thing he needs for his trick he hears this and looks around* "why?"
{DestinyScarlatti} (hehe.... i can throw anyone for a loop, huh?)
{Julian Anders} *while he is rooting thru his pack for the things he needs he looks around* "why?"
{Rintaran} "Only if your parents don't ask him any questions about either of you. It'd be pretty easy for them to poke a hole is your plot."
{DestinyScarlatti} /me sighs "you're right" leans against the wall
{Julian Anders} "parrent trouble?"
{Rintaran} "Just a bit. Seems parents can't let their children go even when they've grown up."
{Julian Anders} "i know what you meen" OOC: remember his is about 8 years old
{DestinyScarlatti} (yeah she ran away at about 13...she's 22)
{Julian Anders} *continues to look for what he needs*
{DestinyScarlatti} (she ran away at 13... and she's 22)
{Julian Anders} "here we go" *pulls out a thin wooden rod* "ok now watch this, with my magic powers i will make this rod roll accross the ground!"
{Julian Anders} *he puts the rod down, makes some weird growling noises and holds his hands over the rod and sure enough it moves accros the ground although very jerky
{Rintaran} /me smiles. "Very good. With all your performances you must hear a lot of interesting information. Anything good come up recently?"
{Rintaran} /me already has one hand in his change purse.
{Julian Anders} "Well i dont know, my hearing isnt what it used to be" *cough*
{Julian Anders} *when he stands up you notice the rod bounce then fall back to the ground*
{Julian Anders} "oops, cant lose this" *picks up the rod and puts it back int he pack*
{Rintaran} /me laughs. "Isn't what it used to be? You're only eight! Your hearing will never be better." *pulls out a single gold piece.
{DestinyScarlatti} "Hathor... i have an idea"
{DestinyScarlatti} "if you can tell us anything that might help us, i'll give you a nice warm house, plenty of food, and a nice bed to sleep in for a weekend"
{Julian Anders} "well, i think i heard some guy say that when he was over by The Docks that he couldnt get any of his things back from his 'friend'... didnt say why but he did seem extreemly mad about it. have you found another floater?"
{Rintaran} /me grin turns slightly into a frown as his path to the info was working fine, but is about to be wasted.
{Julian Anders} OOC: floater = corpse in the harbor
{Rintaran} "No, no floater. Not for over a week. That's the problem. The place is getting a little too quiet. Can you tell me what this guy looked like? Or where I might find him?"
{Julian Anders} "cant help you find him other then that i last saw him by the waterfront... tall fella, black hair, dark bags around his eyes, looked like he hastnt slept in about a fortnight. Was wearing a ratty white shirt and some brown pants... ya i knw that could be anybody"
{Rintaran} "Just about anybody. But it's something to work with. At the very least, we might be able to get him his things back. Hear anything else that we might find interesting?"
{Julian Anders} "Ya, when i was over in Zig most of the money lenders seemed to be short on ready cash, must be a good week for something :) "
{DestinyScarlatti} "now that is slightly odd....."
{Rintaran} "Must be. Thanks for the help Julian. This is for your eyesight."
{Rintaran} /me hands him the gold piece. "And this is for the trick" /me pulls a silver piece from behind Julian's ear.
{Julian Anders} "heh, you will have to show me that one!"
{Rintaran} "Next time! You have my word."
{DestinyScarlatti} /me laughs lightly "ok julian, if you stay here for awhile i'll come back for you, and you can come stay at my house...it's not the palace..but it will do"
{Rintaran} /me eye twitches
{DestinyScarlatti} "what is it Hathor?"
{Julian Anders} "ill go tell my mom ill be spending some time with ya, dont want her to worry"
{DestinyScarlatti} "what is it Hathor?"
{Rintaran} "Nothing. Just got something in my eye."
{DestinyScarlatti} /me sighs "why do i not beleive you?"
{Rintaran} /me rubs his eye for a moment and pulls out an eye lash.
{DestinyScarlatti} "and i still don't beleive you...."
{Rintaran} /me turns to Julian. "Ok Julian. We'll catch you later." /me begins to walk off, in the direction of the docks once more.
{Julian Anders} "Later!"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me walks after hathor "i don't beleive it was something in your eye, not one bit, i hope you know that"
{Rintaran} "Oh I do. I just didn't see why we had to discuss it in front of Julian."
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh, ok....is he out of earshot?"
{Rintaran} /me glances over his shoulder to check
{Julian Anders} OOC: yes he is
{Rintaran} "Looks like he is."
{Julian Anders} OOC: and no amount of gold can improve his hearing that much :)
{Julian Anders} /afk
{Rintaran} (that's why I didn't pay to improve his hearing, only his eyesight)
{DestinyScarlatti} OOC: lol
{DestinyScarlatti} "so what is it hathor?"
{Rintaran} "Well, having him live at your place for the weekend isn't going to solve your problem. Just two or three questions to their 'grandson' and they'll know you're not his mother."
{DestinyScarlatti} "and what questions might those be?"
{Rintaran} "Pretty much any three. What does your mother like? What's your father like? Who's your father? ect. It won't take much. And I'm sorry to say, Julian is not a very good liar."
{DestinyScarlatti} "it was worth a shot...."
{Rintaran} "True. Everything's worth a shot. Just like asking him for a little bit of information was worth a shot. Not worth a gold and a silver, but worth a shot nonetheless."
{Fallwind} you are now gettin close to the docks normally by now you would see several large men keeping their eyes on you, but sofar nothing, and very few workers, alot less then normal
{Rintaran} /me scans the area, both suspicious and borderline concerned
{Rintaran} "One possibility did occur to me though."
{Fallwind} roll a spot check
{Fallwind} both of ya
Rintaran rolled a 11 with a d20
{Rintaran} 11+3=14
{DestinyScarlatti} (woah...sorry about that)
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 4 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 4+1 = 5 -.-
{Fallwind} ok, Shawn notices something is odd with the faces of some of the workers but cant put his finger on it
{Rintaran} "Hmmm... There's something not quite right here. Other than the obvious."
{DestinyScarlatti} "oh there is....eh?"
{Rintaran} "Nothing seems odd to you about the faces of those workers?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "no"
{Rintaran} "Huh. Must just be my imagination then."
{Fallwind} as you say that one of the workers bumps into you from behind and walks past without saying a word
{Rintaran} /me checks for his change purse.
{Fallwind} still there
{DestinyScarlatti} ....i'm not invisible...
{DestinyScarlatti} /me looks at her side, and fumbles through her purse "everything is intact"
{Rintaran} /me stares after the worker for a moment. Following him with his eyes.
{DestinyScarlatti} "something really odd is going on here...i don't think i like it"
{Rintaran} "Think we should follow this one? It's not like the docks are crowded enough to explain his stumbling into us."
{Fallwind} he continues to walk away from you without so much as looking back once
{DestinyScarlatti} "i beleive we should, just be careful not to make a noise"
{DestinyScarlatti} /me walks silently toward the guy
{Rintaran} "Easier said than done I'm afraid."
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 3 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 3+8 = 11
{Rintaran} /me quietly follows the guy.
Rintaran rolled a 14 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} (damn.... you got a better one than i did... and i have ranks!)
{Rintaran} 14-1=13
{Fallwind} you both tail the worker for 3 blocks, he doesnt notice you at all, he never looks back. Eventually he turns and enters one of the many nameless warehouses in this part of town.
{DestinyScarlatti} /mw turns around toward hathor "should we...?"
{DestinyScarlatti} *me
{Rintaran} /me puts his back up against the wall on one side of the door to the warehouse and nods.
{Rintaran} /me readies his billy club, provided by the force for all your public protection needs.
{DestinyScarlatti} /me puts her hand on the club, ready to pull it out at a momen't notice
{Rintaran} (is the door open or closed?
{Fallwind} closed
{Rintaran} /me reaches for the handle with his free hand and tries to open the door
{Fallwind} it is locked but the hinges look cheap, a good kick should break the door
{DestinyScarlatti} /me looks to hathor "if we kick it...we give ourselves away....."
{Rintaran} "Have a nail file?"
{DestinyScarlatti} sorry no, but i have a bobby pin...
{Rintaran} "Can't pry off the hinges with that... You wouldn't happen to be able to pick locks by any chance?"
{DestinyScarlatti} "i was going to learn how to pick them"
{Rintaran} "Well then, I guess we have no choice but to kick it. I'll ready my crossbow and cover you as you kick it in."
{DestinyScarlatti} /me closes her eyes "ok"
{Rintaran} /me changes weapon to the crossbow and readies it, aiming at the closed door.
{Fallwind} *roll em*
{DestinyScarlatti} (great....for kicking down the door, str check?)
{Rintaran} (I know that quote!)
{Fallwind} str yes
DestinyScarlatti rolled a 6 with a d20
{DestinyScarlatti} 6-1 = 5
{DestinyScarlatti} (i'm beginning to hate the number 5! kill it!)
{Fallwind} the door cracks and swings open.....
{Fallwind} i told you it was a cheap door
{DestinyScarlatti} (that you did)
{Rintaran} (Do I see anything that might be hostile?)
{DestinyScarlatti} /me has her hand over her club, prepared for combat
{Fallwind} there are about a dozen workers inside, all working over benches with odd herbs, chemicals and buners and other lab equipment.... not even one turns to look at you, they just keep working
{Rintaran} "This is odd"
{Rintaran} /me lowers his crossbow a bit.
{DestinyScarlatti} "quite odd"
{disembodied voice} "yes it is"
{Rintaran} /me readies the weapon again, scanning around for the source of the voice
{DestinyScarlatti} /me glances over, her face pale "WHO THE HELL?!"
{Fallwind} you can not find the sorce of the voice
{disembodied voice} "why dont you come in"
{Fallwind} the door slams shut behind you
{Rintaran} "Why thanks. I think I will.
{DestinyScarlatti} /me tries to catch her breath and says as calmly as she can "who the hell, or what the hell are you?"
{Rintaran} /me continues to look around, weapon readied
{disembodied voice} "My dear Miss Candelori, it would be so much easier to show you"
{Rintaran} /me raises his eyebrow
{DestinyScarlatti} "ok...he's scary! he knows my real last name...."
{Fallwind} there is a blinding flash of light as you both collapse to the ground unconsious
[End of Session #1]
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